Custom Favorite Tee Shirt

Hi Lovelies...

So I told you before that I was going to share the custom order I made, but I wanted to wait until she got it so I didnt spoil anything for her. Well, she got it, and loves it! So I can share with you now!!!

{Thank you so much Nikki!!!}

She sent me a box with this old tee shirt from a trip to the coast, and random other garments to cut up and use throughout the piece. It was a fun challenge and I love how it turned out. It turned an otherwise ordinary over sized tee shirt into a one of a kind fun girly shirt. And now she can proudly say she has something special of 'her own', since it was made from her own stash.

I also wanted to note for those of you that think Violet Bella clothing is just for the teeny tiny girls, not so, this was a size large, its hard to tell with it hanging on the mannequin, but it was!

Here are a few of my personal shirts to show you how different each one can be...
this purple shirt was one of my mom's over sized frilly shirts that she loved. I always loved it and wished I could wear it but there was just no way, it was too big and lanky. So this was my solution. I used some of her favorite pearl buttons on it.

This is a shirt I made for my bestie Shelley from one of her husbands old tees and other random garments of hers.
This is my favorite. I didnt show the best part, the front, but if you browse my blog you will find it!
You can find the spot to purchase one of these babies here...



  1. Love them all! I guess I just don't think that I could pull off that adorable look, I lack a bit of confidence. You look beautiful in them!

  2. oh my gosh!!! these are soooo awesome! i never wouldve thought of combining these combos but they are perfection!

  3. Laura, I love my new shirt so much♥ Thanks for doing such a great job, the fit is perfect:) Now I want to send you all of my ugly shirts and have you put the Violet Bella touch to them!

  4. Love them all! You are amazing miss Laura!

  5. Laura, you are so freaking talented! I absolutely loveeeeeeeeeeee!!!
    I love the backs! and what you did with that girls husbands shirt! i don't know where you get your visions but it's out of this world!! simply amazing!
    love you and miss you girl!

  6. Meg- of course you could pull it off, i dont think you give yourself enough credit, you are beautiful!!!

    Bradee- thanks so much!

    Nikki- im so glad you love it! send those shirts this way :)

    Katelyn- big love :)

    Lex- thank you so much! i miss and love you too sweet girl!!! i think we should become real letter pin pals!?!

  7. Ahh You are so creative!! I love the backs too... Your tattoo is so hot. I haven't addressed this yet. So I am not. It's so awesome.

  8. Such a great shirt! I always love the detail you put on the back, so cute! I have always loved these shirts of yours, I would love to find one for you to make for me, will keep searching!! :)

  9. Rachel- you are so funny, and thank you!

    Betsy- yes! id love to!!!

  10. Your tattoo is so beautiful!! I am so in love with these shirts Laura. I am going to go through my stash of tshirts b/c I HAVE to have one of these for the summer!

  11. Amber- yes, id love to make you one :)


Thank you so much for your sweet comments!