Senior Portraits and Shop Update

Last weekend I photographed Jame's cousin Breann for her senior portraits. She was so cute and has such a pretty face, it was not hard at all. I had alot of fun actually! This is just a sneak peak, I have not had much time to delve into the 700 photos I took!

I am updating some things in the shop right now! New jewelry!

Hint: wood. umbrella. key. owl.

(this image has nothing to do with the update except for the fact that its a product shot)

Ill be back later, soooo busy with Ruche order and new updates, among a few other orders. Cant wait to get back to the sewing machine!



  1. 700 photos! Dang, girl!

    These first ones are adorable. :)

    Well, done!

  2. ha, yeah, just about every photoshoot i do i take between 400-800 pics! its crazy i know, makes going through them so hard! but i have alot to choose from :)

    and thanks!

  3. these are adorbale <3

    p.s. I also take that many when I do photo shoots, I have been lazy about it lately and usually get about 200.

  4. so beautiful! i love your post processing.

  5. Cute pictures, I can't wait to see more!

  6. What a lucky girl to have her Senior pictures taken by you!!! My husband is looking for the rest of the pillow cases as I type so I can get them shipped off to you! The shop update sounds like something I am going to love...owls and wood...swoon!!

  7. How lucky is your cousin to have pics taken by you!!! ;) Love Love Love everything in your shop!!! You are so creative!!! Keep up the awesome work and I hope to be able to buy something from you soon!!

  8. oh boy she is so pretty! that last photo of her somehow reminds me of kirsten dunst!

  9. Your photos as always are amazing! What a lucky gal!

  10. Wow, lucky girl who you shot, those senior portraits are going to come out amazing! Love those key necklaces, they are so unique!!


Thank you so much for your sweet comments!