Shop Update!

Hi my lovelies!

Today is just going to be a shop update! This is what I spent most of my day doing...

My to do list is feeling long and I feel like abondoning it for the night...

I actually made these two dresses quite a while back but never properly photographed them, they have just been hanging in the closest with the rest of the un-photographed Violet Bella clothes, I am breaking them out!

Hope you enjoy!

Visit the shop here:
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  1. I love the butterfly necklace and that bracelet is gorgeous! I wish I were small enough to wear some of your lovely clothing creations, but I still have quite a bit of baby weight to lose! Have a wonderful evening!

  2. lovely new updates Laura! i've already hearted one of those dresses...but i LOVE them both. yay! you've been very productive.

  3. You are so productive, go you! I really love the butterfly necklace and the Vixen Slip, and the hair pins are so cute!

    I did know that you have a twitter and I love chatting with you on it now that you have one!

    Hope today was a good day for you!!
    Be free and abandon the list for the night!

  4. love all your stuff! keep doing what you do because your amazing at it.
    have a good evening :) -xoxo kelsey

  5. Laura, the 2nd dress is SO adorable!!!!!!

  6. in awe once again. :)
    you are so talented!

  7. You seriously have the most darling things! I can barely keep up with embroidery, and photography, but I admire you for doing it all!

  8. I love the first dress!! And the bobby pins with the cameo!! And the butterfly necklace!! I want them all!! I'd totally buy them if I could afford it.
    You're so talented!! I wish I could get all that inspiration too.
    A big, warm hug!!

  9. the bracelet is lovely :)

    everytime i come to your blog, the girls voices scares me...but now i love the song!

  10. those dresses are so wonderful!! and the pins took my heart!

  11. the bracelet is just gorgeous! I love the butterfly necklace too :)

  12. Your clothing is breathtaking! If you ever open that shop in Texas I will definitly be stopping by when we go to our annual family reunion! Hopefully I can own one of these creations one day!

  13. Beautiful Jewelry! I love the butterfly and that charm bracelet it perfect!


Thank you so much for your sweet comments!