Photo Jewelry Spotlight

First of all, I am so tired, and dont even know why I am making this post, probably because I just dont know how to make myself stop sometimes. I did a photoshoot today that was suppose to be 2 hours and it ended up being 5 hours, in boots, on concrete, needless to say, my feet hurt. And my brain hurts.

But...I want to feel like I accomplished something for myself today, so I making this little post about my photo jewelry.

Putting my photography on jewelry was my original business plan. This is what I was going to focus on, along with my photography. Although Violet Bella has made many twists and turns as my love for so many things continues to grow, these are still among my favorite pieces, hands down, and each one almost feels like my 'baby'.

I guess I have been a bit discouraged from making them, because I have literally only sold 2 or 3 necklaces, and just recently sold my first bracelet. So, out of the 2 boxes I have of these babies, that is not alot! So my excitement about creating them has fallen short. I know I shouldnt let this stop me, but I must make a living now, so if people dont buy them, I cant spend too much time on them, unfortunately. Things change when you decide to take what you love and make it a 'means to keep your family in food and your rent paid on time' type of thing.

But since I do love them so much, I decided to do a little spot light for them tonite. These are just a few of my favorites, but I have so many more. And so many I havent even taken the time to upload into the shop, b/c of said reasons.

Find all of these in my shop:

Okay, now I can let myself rest. This has been a busy week, but my list I posted the other day is started to dwindle down! Next week will be spent creating my new order from Ruche! Boy oh boy is it going to take a while, many hours of sitting in that chair! But it is something I am very excited about, so it is all worth it.

If you havent seen already, go check out Ruche.com and find Violet Bella jewelry! For now, its just a ring and a necklace, but many more coming!

Time to relax. I mean it this time...



  1. Laura, do not feel discouraged! This is one of my most favorite of things in your shop! I would love to own one, and will, just need a little saving time :) I do know how you feel, you put effort into what sells well, but this definitely sets you apart from a lot of jewelry sellers, your style is your niche and most definitely comes through with these pieces. They are little works of art in themselves, I can see why they are your babies! Wishing you energy for the rest of your busy week, keep up your spirits!! :)

  2. I think they are so pretty and I am so excited own one!!! Thanks again! -Katie

  3. I have had an eye on your photo jewelry for some time but can't narrow down which one I will buy. You know I can't stay away from your shop long and the next time I come around for a purchase I think I will have picked my favorite by then. They are beautiful Laura.

  4. Hey. I just stumbled upon your blog and it's inspirational. You're quite innovative and I can't wait to see more!

    dori - your newest follower. ♥

  5. I can't believe you have only sold 2 of them! those are some my favorite things you have in your shop. You are an amazingly talented lady. Don't give up on what you love. :)

  6. girl you are so crafty!! I swear, I would buy up everything in your shop if I could. once I get some moneys saved up I am buying some of your new necklaces. seeeriously :]

  7. at the risk of sounding unoriginal, but i just got here after everything has been said, i second everything that was just said. i have always thought your photo jewelry unique and that it was a very defining set of pieces in your shop. it makes you very distinctive. they are just lovely. one day i will be able to afford to buy one. :) until then, know that i'm admiring them. and you, always. ;)

  8. Oh dear, this one of my favorite things in this shop, it's totally unique and gorgeous! If credit cards were that easy to have here in my side of the world :(

  9. thank you all so much for your words and support! i dont want to give up on them at all, i love them so much. they are just so time consuming to make...if all of a sudden a turn around comes and they become more popular, i will def get back into them. i have so many new photos that would look amazing on a piece of jewelry.

    you girls are amazing. there are a few of you that i see on here regularly and it just makes my heart happy to know that you honestly take time out of your day to come over to my little corner of the world.

    THANK YOU!!!!

  10. Laura, Just yesterday, I gave up on a couple of dreams of my own. Sometimes we have to move one thing (or two or fifty) out of our way to create psychic/creative/emotional space for others.

    That being said, I have--what I think is--a clever idea for your photo jewelry.

    Give my dad a hug and a kiss for me after the wedding Tomorrow! Can't wait to see the pictures.

    Laura Klein

  11. Hi, i just want to let you know that i just LOOOOOOVE your blog, its just like the cutest.!!!! and all the things you make, OMG!!!

  12. Becka, thank you so much!!! i tried to go to your blog if you have one, but it wouldnt connect me.

    glad to have you as a follower!!!



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