Oops, I almost ate Bambi!!!

Feeling so overwhelmed, I forgot my excitement for a minute and decided to munch on Bambi...

But I quickly snapped out of it and became over joyed by my wonderful life.

on a side note: I am feeling very overwhelmed, excited, tired, and hysterical all at the same from events that have happened in this past week. But I feel like I am so behind. I am behind on reading all of my lovely friends blogs, I didnt even send a donation to Jamie's MS giveaways...which really disappoints me. Im sorry Jamie!!!

You should go on over to her blog to find some really cool 'orange' giveaways for her MS project all this week, and watch some really touching videos while you are there. Oh, and meet one of the sweetest girls on the whole web!

We shopped all day long today. We had soooo many errands to run. Kerrville and San Antonio!!! Im so tired. But we both got some much needed things.

James got himself a bottle of spray ink for some stencils he is going to try out. He is thinking of making stenciled tee shirts and stuff for guys. Im super stoked about this idea, to no end! So I had no problem spending money at Hobby Lobby on him! It was quite fun shopping together instead of just dragging him along!

Ill take some photos of my goodies later. Too tired tonite.

I have a few custom orders to start working on that Im super excited about, one of them is for a dear blog reader *excited* its a custom tee shirt like this:

And I was asked to do a Diptych project with the amazing Elle Moss, one of my favorite photographers, I feel so honored and hope I can live up to her work! Check out the blog they have devoted to these projects:

My head is spinning right now, I think I need to stop typing.



  1. Love love love Elle Moss and the diptych project. Can't wait to see what you two work up! I know it'll be true magic. Just keep truckin' m'dear!

  2. You paid for him? Haha.

    Oh man I love diptychs. I bet it'll be great. You're really adorable btw.

  3. thanks girls, i cant wait!

    ha ha, well i guess i paid, but really i didnt b/c were married so it all 'ours'! but it was 'my' store!

    fun times!

  4. i can't wait to see what you come up with...i adore Elle Moss. just bought 2 of her prints :)

  5. you are too adorable :]
    I lovelovelove Elle Moss! I bought her set of postcards and hung them up in my bedroom. They look so magical.

  6. You miss Laura are one adorable chica!!
    Those pictures are just so funny and cute:)


  7. wow,you have a lot going on laura!! best of luck! can;t wait to see what you have in store for us!

  8. so what do u think of ..... march 27th or april 3 ?
    & do u think you caould make mccoy a small headband?

  9. sorry about spelling, nursing & typing...eek

  10. tee hee, i love that your man is shopping at hobby lobby with you! can't wait to see what he creates. that's the best feeling too, when you discover something new that you can love to do together! have fun :)

  11. Wow! Divine Diptychs look so much fun to do. And you're right...I love Elle Moss' work. Just from what I saw...lovely. And I can't wait to see what y'all come up with. You are ubertalented and I think it's a great pairing. :D Can't wait to see what James comes up with...maybe I'll pay him to do a shirt for Jonathon. Much love and well-wishing you gorgeous bambi-eater. :P

  12. lol....well, i'm here to overwhelm you even more ;o)

    just sent you an email about consigning at the new Belles & Ghosts shoppe, lol.

    take your time, though....don't get overwhelmed!

  13. april 3rd it is! let me know if anything change 4 u,, but we will plan on it. cant wait. excited! sorry you missed the brown top:(

  14. Can't wait to see James tshirts! Sounds fun! I think I might need a custom tshirt for this summer!!!

  15. Exciting stuffs!!!! No worries about the giveaway! =)
    Don't forget to take time for yourself!!!!
    Can't wait to see your Elle Moss project!!!! Awesome!
    Lots of great news, girl!
    I'm so happy for you!!! You deserve every bit of it!

  16. Hi doll. Just stumbled across your blog & I really love it. There's something just so heartfelt about it. Then I realised your name is Laura, so you must be nice..hehe.


  17. Really good post!


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