outfit details:
sheer top // chicnova
pants // handmade
shoes // blowfish
necklace // roots and feathers
rings // f21
bracelet // spiral drift

There might be a bit more outfit posts for a little while b/c its just been so darn pretty outside!  The warmer weather creeping in has got me excited to get out more.  I'm sooooo ready for spring.  So unbelievably ready.  I just want to lay on the ground and feel the warmth of the sun all over me.  I cannot wait! 

Thank you so much for the love you showed for my new mini prayer flags yesterday!  I'm excited to be in the studio all day working on custom orders.  You guys make this dream of mine come true!!!  

And can I just say... my heart is constantly in awe at the love you guys show through your comments, and through personal emails I receive.  Thank you for allowing me to feel safe and loved in this space.  I am someone who has to feel safe in my environment in order to open my heart, so thank you for creating that kind of environment here.  It means the world to me.

Be sure to check back on the blog tomorrow b/c Bella is presenting a fun giveaway!  Eeeek!

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  1. Oh my goodness! Your Ombre hair is perfect, legitimately I have never seen someones hair looking better! Love the outfit, especially the jewelry you paired with it.

    Love your posts always!

  2. Those pants are amazing!
    I am ready for spring as well, cold weather is not my cup of tea. I want bright sunshine and dirt in my toes :)

  3. Those pants are amazing! Love your hair too, you are quite gorgeous :)

    MacK @ SoulMakes Blog

  4. It's nice to feel safe...sometimes more so when you are a creative soul....~Victoria

  5. Same here spring cant get here quick enough, Gorgeous outfit Laura.

    Zoe x

  6. Those are the coolest pants!

    xo Jennifer


  7. So I know this is technically an outfit post (and of course I do love the outfit) but I can't get over your hair. It's absolutely stunning.

    I also I agree with you, I cannot wait for spring weather. Right now in this part of Ohio we still have freezing temperatures and it's still snowing.

  8. Laura, you are such a beauty. You shine from the inside and share it! Which allows us all to connect <3 I love you! Love your pants! I've been making some funky pants myself lately. Since I can't afford the bells, I had to get creative. Fun!

  9. I think those hands need speckled feather rings ;)
    love love love your style lil mama!! those pants rock!!

  10. Ahhhh. You constantly make me jealous of your collection of pants!!! I love skirts and dresses as outfit pieces, but I rarely wear them. Pants, however, are my thing. ^_^

    I am so glad you feel so warm and welcome in your blogging space. That's how I feel with LnL and it's wonderful!!!

    Have a happy weekend!!! (and if you celebrate, happy Imbolc!)

  11. so in love with your hair... seriously, you are gorgeous darling.

  12. Hi, Laura. Totally unrelated but I just saw what appears to be a Skyline Fever shirt on one of those chicks from A Beautiful Mess. I know you might already know but it's on "Elsie's Thrift Tips" ... http://www.abeautifulmess.com/2011/09/elsies-thrift-tips.html
    Just a heads up but you probably already saw :)

  13. Those pants!! I'm dying!! They look just like the free people ones, but even cuter! I want to do that to mine! You are so beautiful.


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