So, I got these pants from my friends online garage sale the other day.  I was a little nervous.  Ive always admired this style of pants from afar, but convinced myself I was way too short to pull them off.  Im SO GLAD I took the risk!  Im pretty much in LOVE and have been living in them since I got them.  Like total pajama luxury, ha.  I love love love them.  She got them in Morocco.  So excited she gets to go home and see her family in Spain soon, and get to go hunting for more treasures!  She has a big virtual yard sale going on her Gyspies Caravan facebook page right now.  Everything is $5-$10.  Although no more pants like this... just look for her photo album titled virtual yard sale.

I decided to keep the rest of the outfit pretty simple with a plain tee and sandals... And of course some jewelry from some of my favorite designers, Spiral Drift and Run With The Tribe.  It was the perfect running errands outfit.

Yesterday, in honor of my moontime, I spent most of the day in bed, literally.  I read alot and got lots of extra rest.  It's been a while since Ive had a hard one, but it wasn't too bad.  Just enough to keep me from doing anything but laying around.  But after doing that all day long, I found it in me to get cleaned up and go out with my girl last night to enjoy one of our favorite local bands.  I'm so glad I did too.  A night out is what I needed.  I'm honored to be friends with Art & Lisa Crawford.  Two of the sweetest people I know, and they make music together beautifully.

Cheers to good friends and good local music!

P.s.  I'll be sharing the winners for the Flying Tomato and Catina Jane Arts giveaways soon!  Sorry for the delay.  

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  1. Ahhhh! I've wanted a pair of pants like that forEVER. Jealous! They look amazing on you. I love the colors. :D Plus, they look so comfy while still being stylish. Win!

    P.S. I also love those sandals!

  2. Love it! you have such amazing style :)
    The colours are gorgeous!

  3. Oh my gosh! I need pants like those! It's hard to find them, but if I weren't so lazy, I'd make some myself. :p


  4. Such a beautiful colors! And I love your earrings ;)


  5. i cant find a the garage sale, do you have another link?

  6. Beautiful! I'd be scared to wear those pants but they look great on you and totally match your style!!


  7. so freaking incredible, love it all, head to toe. those sandals are a dream, and morocco as a whole is my ultimate dream.

  8. Those are awesome! Youre a shorty Laura? I'm just shy of 5 ft. :)

  9. Ahh those pants are perfection! I wish I could find a pair like that. They look so comfortable and fun! I love how you styled them too! It's such a great outfit!


  10. I totally love your style! You look natural and beautiful.

  11. Those pants are amazing, I love the print and colors!

    MacK @ SoulMakes Blog

  12. The jewels are amazing! Love them!
    xx Elle

  13. I love pants like that, I got some while on my trip to Thailand. I thought the same thing but no they are perfect :) love this outfit laura.

    Zoe xx

  14. I'm thinking about trying on a pair of pants like this one too. There're lots of them on sale in Kyiv yoga studios, but I've yet to find pants as pretty as these ones)

  15. Ooh...Burnt orange...And it all goes perfectly together. Especially with the brown and blue. Loves.

    D'ya think a size 9 feets of...um...This friend of mine... :) Would look okay in Harem pants? I...I mean she...avoids skinny jeans for that reason. What do you think?

    triskelos - Try Etsy! Thousands of Harem pants over yonder. :)

  16. love your outfit! that looks so comfortable! xx


  17. You look amazing! Like seriously killer dude! I want to rock this look so bad!!!

  18. I love everything about this outfit, the colours, the shape of the pants, the jewellery, so great!


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