Yesterday, the sweet soul behind the Apothecary Circle, Laura Emily had two emotionally upsetting events occur... ones that would of for sure have sent me into a wild fit of rage and sorrow and fall to the floor helpless kind of feeling.  Which I can only imagine that she felt all of these things too.  My friend Katelyn invited me to join along with her in a releasing ceremony, to send loving healing vibes Laura's way.  You can see how Katelyn chose to send her love here.  I loved her intention of having 13 crystals, representing Laura, her husband Tyler, and the 11 babies she has now miscarried.  So I gathered 13 mountain laurel seeds.  These are the little seeds my mother leaves me from time to time.  To me they are one of the most sacred things on earth.  As I cleansed them with sage, I sent many loving words your way Laura.  I had a little heart to heart with you.

I brought my sacred sexuality candle with me outside since there was no light outside, being the new moon.  I thought Laura would like that since it would have Athena's love in there too.

I buried them in the ground, and I spoke some more words to you Laura, letting you know these seeds are being planted for you tonite, under the new moon, and it reminded me of the post I shared this morning on the bohemian collective, about the balance of death and life.  The cycle of something passing, making room to sow new seeds.  Although I'm sure you are sick of that cycle...  I am too, just in other ways... But I put the love of new beginnings in this dirt.  And then I sealed it with wax from Athena's candle. 

You were held today, by both katelyn and I, digging our hands in the earth.  Thank you for being a teacher to us, in so many ways.

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  1. And now I am crying dear one. Thank you for joining hands with me. For Laura Em. I love you. Your ceremony is pure magic.

  2. Oh my. How heartbreaking miscarriage is. I've been through the same thing, and I can't imagine having to do it 11 times. Just unthinkable heartache. She'll be in my prayers. This was really beautiful of y'all to do for her.

  3. My heart is breaking for Laura Em. Thank you for sharing this post. She and her husband will be in my prayers. Lost of love is what she needs. She is lucky to have such great friends.

  4. It was a beautiful thing you both did for her <3

    Zoe xxx

  5. With fertility struggles of my own, I can certainly say I have felt the pain of Laura's current experience. It is truly an awful thing. Even one mishap has taken me years to finally move beyond, and STILL it is tough to think back on. But eleven? I don't know what I'd do. I'm so heartbroken to hear this. Please pass my love her way. Thank you for sharing this.

  6. Beautifully put. By sharing this, we can all send our love to her! You and Katelyn are so sweet to have done this. Soul Sister LOVE!!! <3

  7. What an absolutely beautiful thing to do Laura... you truly are a wonderful soul.

  8. What is the spiritual/religious/cultural background of the rituals you describe? Thanks. - Leah, leahwise.com


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