Lately I have not quite felt myself.  Ive been feeling a bit more inward.  I think from being sick, its just taking me a little while to crawl back out of my little crab shell and back into the world.  But tomorrow that will change!  Ill be releasing the new Bohemian Collective Mini Lookbook!  Im so stoked.  Its like our big ones, but with just one look, and a bit more stripped down and simplified.  Even though its not quite as artistic as the others, I'm still really digging it, and looking forward to doing many more of these throughout the year.  So make sure to check the blog over there tomorrow!  The pic above is from the other afternoon when I went outside to draw.  Ive been doodling before bed every night, sort of as a meditation, but I got the urge before bed the other day, so I went with it. 
And guess who joined me?  Ha ha.  I think this is MY FAVORITE photo Ive ever taken of her!  I want it blown up HUGE and framed on my wall.  I crack up everytime I look at it!  God I love this cat!

And when she got on top of the table to join me she showed me just how excited she was to be there!  Ha.  She couldn't help but just scream at the top of her lungs! 

Then the next day she got herself stuck up in a tree.  She is allowed to hang out in the backyard by herself with Violet whenever she wants.  Its fenced in and big enough for her to roam around at free will.  (although lately she has been sneaking under the fence, little rascal!)  But yesterday I heard Violet barking, so I went to go check to see what it was at (make sure it wasn't a snake), and I saw two big labs running around outside the fence.  And I couldn't find Bella anywhere.  I was looking all in the woods, on all sides of the house, etc... Until finally I looked up!  I never expected her to be in a tree b/c she doesn't have front claws, so tree climbing is not really her thing.  But I'm proud to say she doesn't let that stop her in a time of need!  She was actually pretty relaxed up there and wanted to stay there for a bit before coming down.  She rubbed her mouth all over the branches up there. (she likes to rub her mouth on all sorts of things).  Then finally she let me get her down.  A little adventurous day for this little lady!

Mmmm... is this not the pretty record youve ever seen?  I just love Donovan.  I have the silliest memories of me and my friend Justin in junior high listening to Donovan, especially the Intergalactic Laxative song.  We thought it was the best thing in the world!  And I still love listening to him...

Last night's beautiful Leo Aquarius moon was amazing.  It was soooo bright I could barely look at it like usual.  Oh and I had a hard time sleeping last night too, I felt so much energy.  A sweet sweet (9 year old) friend of mine gifted me a huge amethyst quartz cluster, so I put it out last night to charge under this beautiful moon.  It is so beautiful and something Ill treasure forever.  She was so sweet to give it to me!

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  1. Aww I love the photos of Bella! The one with her creeping is priceless :)

  2. Your cat is such a person :)

    xo Ashley

  3. laura, cute cat pics. have you read the autobiography of "donovan: the hurdy gurdy man"? i own it. i read it over 4 yrs ago. i wonder if you would like it? ;)

    1. teddi, i have not! sounds like something my dad would of read! i bet id love it!

  4. Aw! Bella is one photogenic cat. Such a cute misadventure. <3

    Ooh...I bet that album cover depicts a man they'd call ''freakadelic'' back in the day? So I had to listen to the song the minute I read the title. AMAZING. Can't believe I've never known of it. Kind of in love with Donovan, now...

    Beautiful moon! I can't wait until we find a home where I can actually see the solar system when I look up. What a sweet little girl! A special cluster, indeed.

    Can't wait to see your lookbook, dear!

  5. Cute instas!

    xo Jennifer


  6. You know I've felt the same way. I've been sick too with a bad cold/sinus infection & I just feel like I don't want to be sociable. I just want quiet alone time. I'm getting really sick of Winter too. It just drags.

  7. Leo is my sign, so I really really love last nights Full Moon! Sadly I was extremely under the weather, with a SUPER low temp. But before I got hit with the weird bug or whatever I had, I was also super super energized!!! Yay!!!

    I love the pictures of your baby. <3 She's precious!

    Also, how on EARTH did you get such an amazing pic of the moon?! I never can!!!


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