I've been working for a few weeks on these yummy textile flags and I just listed them all in my shop!  Each one is one of a kind.  I'll be taking custom orders if you would like your own prayer flag to say a certain something.  I'm going to be making myself one with my word for the year, CULTIVATE.  So, ladies of the Apothecary Circle (or anyone else), if you would like a flag with your word for the year to reflect on, just send me a message on etsy.

I'm absolutely smitten with all of these flags, and don't really want to part with any of them.  I thought about keeping one, but I loved them all so equally... So I'm just going to make one with myself in mind soon.  I'll be hanging it in a sacred space I can reflect on anytime I need a little reminder of my intentions for this year.  

Have you chosen a word for the year?  If so, I'd love to hear.  I think we could all inspire each other by sharing them.

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  1. LOVE THESE!!! I am DEFINITELY going to save up for a custom order!! xo

  2. These flags are breathtaking and incredibly soul inspiring. Thank you for sharing!

  3. Omg. Well you know the one I had to get immediately! But you need to Make one for yourself!

  4. Oh wow! I love #1, #2 and #5 so much - though they are all beautiful! My word for the year is Glitter Filled and my word for January is Accomplish. I'm a very laid back girl (which often stresses me OUT, because I'm laid back with a mind swirling with to-do's) and I'm all about taking a rest, breathing and relaxing... Not this month. I'm really pushing myself, and I know it's gonna be a hard month energy and stress wise because I am pushing myself, but I know in February I'll be oh so thankful that I did what I needed to do.

  5. I love these! ''Howling Soul'' is my favorite.

    I wish I had thought of something like a word for the year. I suppose ''Breathe'' may fit...I have many healthful goals in mind.


  6. These are so beautiful!

    ps. Hello from a new reader and first time commenter. :)

  7. Your prayer flags are wonderful! My word given to me is..."Vulnerability"..When you are a artist, you must be "vulnerable"..Victoria

  8. These are amazing! LOVE the one two down, second row <3

  9. Laura, these are seriously wonderful! I couldn't possibly pick a favourite! Just beautiful.
    Katie x

  10. I found these beauties on etsy recently.. and stumbled upon your blog this evening. Loving your designs! My word for the year is, Evolve.
    ~ Angie

  11. Oh my stars I love these!
    I need to get one for my own:)

    <3 Leney


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