Yesterday was this handsome boy's birthday.  He turned 34.  Each year Ive known him he has only grown more and more.  Its been an amazing thing to watch.  He supports me like no one else.  He dreams along side me.  He encourages me.  I only hope I do the same for him.
 Last night we celebrated at Fralo's, which has become our yearly tradition.  Best pizza around.  We got our favorite, the carmelized pear and procuitto.  We got together with some of our dearest friends, and some we haven't seen in years... And sadly some of our besties couldn't make it.  But we had a great time and everyone really enjoyed themselves. 

And his friend brought him the dvd Magic Mike as a silly gag gift.  It was so hilarious to watch James receive it and then try to hide it... ha ha.

I'm looking forward to eating leftover pizza today!  Yum.  I love it cold.  And I'm realllllly looking forward to tomorrow.  My friend is taking me to yoga and then to get a double massage with her!!  And my birth chart is waiting for me at the post office, so after learning another dose in patience, I get to dive into it.  So Ill be having one huge personal date tomorrow and I can't wait!  I keep pinching nerves in my next and shoulder blades and its so bad right now I can barely move my neck.  Ive had James rub it, soaked in epsom salt, use tons of essential oils... its whack.  I tell ya.  I hurts to sit and create anything in the studio longer than 5 mintues... so somethings gotta be done, and quick!

James and I are both having sales in our shops right now for a limited time!!  Most likely just two more days.

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  1. I love cold leftover pizza almost better than fresh hot pizza. Happy birthday Laura's husband :)

  2. Looks like you guys had a lot of fun! Happy birthday to your sweetie!

  3. This is such a sweet post! And congratiolations :)

  4. Happy birthday to James! I adore you two together.

    <3 Melissa

  5. Looks like you guys had a wonderful day of celebrating!

    xo Jennifer



    I love the outfit you wore, BTW!

    And also, I get pinched nerves a lot in my neck. Urgh! They are so painful. I normally use a heating pad, take an Ibuprofen and I learned a really silly trick that's helped me...

    Prop your elbow on the wall. Place your cheek in your open palm and press your cheek into your palm. This stretches the neck and shoulder muscles, and it's helped me SO much!

    Good luck, lady!

  7. Yay, happy birthday, James!

  8. awww she's got sooo much, soo much love! :)

  9. Happy Birthday James. Loved the photos of the evening. x Tamara Red Coat Studio


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