Violet Bella Spring Lookbook 2010


The Violet Bella Spring Lookbook 2010

{I have spent hours creating this to the perfect music but I cannot get it to work, so here it is without the music...not the same, but at least you can see the images...and listen to the songs on my blog while you look :)}



  1. Music working on my end. =) SO crazy, last year I bought a bunch of over-sized crochet doilies thinking of how they would look sewn onto tops. Love yours! ♥

  2. I just have to tell you that your jewelry (and everything else you've created for that matter) is stunning! I'm in love with all of it and can't wait to get my hands on some of those gorgeous necklaces and earrings - keep up the good work!

  3. This looks just amazing Laura! I love the feel you've given to all of the photos, and the song works for me, which goes so nicely with it! This lookbook definitely captures your essence and style, I'm loving those tops, and your models (including you) are just gorgeous! Love it!

  4. Beautiful Laura! I feel such a sense of peace watching that and the music was beautiful. Great job!

  5. Love it!!! Great job! -Katie

  6. girl... this is beyond perfect. i would say that your hard work paid off. this is amazing!!
    i wish you good luck in your future... i'd say its looking bright!

  7. It' beautiful!! Beautiful, beautiful!! Congratulations!! The music is working on my end too :)
    What a wonderful lookbook. So VioletBella. Everything is so gorgeous I was just smiling the whole time :D

    A big hug!! Keep up the beautiful work!


  8. thank you so much everyone!!! i have been wanting to do a lookbook for a long time, but couldnt figure out how i wanted to do it, so this will work for now!

    big love!

  9. the lookbook is just wonderfull! I love the music (the songs on your blog too by the way), the clothers, the photos and the arrangements... great job!

  10. WOW, laura...this video is so great. You did an amazing job with the photography. LOVE the shirts, Everything is so obvious that it's Violet Bella. You definitely have your brand down pat. :)

  11. music works perfect from the beginning. it's AMAZING!
    It's simply magical.
    It reaches to my inner hippie! :P


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