Our New Addition...

So, we went to Toys R Us yesterday while we were in the city to grocery shop. James wanted to scope out the Legos. He is wanting to get back in to them, yes... like 25 years later in his life :) And I came across this little woods loving creature and absolutely fell in love. I knew I had to have him, yes just like a kid in a toy store. It was like it was instantly a part of me. I am so excited to have this little baby fawn be a new addition to our family. Bella seems to like it too. She has been rubbing her face on its head, so cute. Although James would not let me sleep with it last night :( so it sat on my night table. I am excited for it to go on adventures with us.

So here are its first photos at home. When James mowed the lawn, he left the flowers in the front yard for me. I love looking at them during the golden hour.

I have yet to name my new little friend...Ill let you know when I have done so!

This photo makes me think it should be a girl, what do you think?
close up!
yes, we are pals, in the greatest way!
It helped me pull some goodies from my garden/yard. I have not started gardening yet this year, but my chard and spinach have not stopped growing, even without me touching them since last year! I couldnt believe it! So I picked some spinach and chard, and pulled some dandelions from the yard...
And made a green drink. I have not made one in soooooo long. I used to drink one of these everyday, but with way much more stuff in it. This one only has spinach, chard, dandelion, pinnapple/banana/mango juice, frozen pinnapple, probiotic powder, spirulina and some wheat germ. It was very on the sweet side, but good for just starting out again on them, it is definately an aquired taste.
Big Love,


  1. Oh Laura you are so cute. And so is your new little deer :) I have been wanting to try green drinks lately since I've gotten so much green stuff in my organic share, I just didn't know where to start! Hey your chard and spinach looks like it's still goin strong, that's awesome.
    My husband said that's awesome that your husband is getting back into legos :) Can he come over and play legos with your husband?

  2. I LOVE that new little fawn of yours. she's just a DOLL! i can't wait to see what sort of adventures you cook up with her. :D
    And I want one of those green drinks sometime. that sounds amazing and delicious! acquired taste schmired taste. i'm sure i'll love it. can't wait to see you sunday. ciao beauty!

  3. She is DARLING!! Ah, I love toy stores. Toys should never be just for kids.

  4. you are just the cutest.
    that fawn is adorable! I love the picture of you holding it at your side. sooo magical.
    and ohmygosh green drinks! lovelove them! xx.

  5. the baby fawn is so so cute! and the photos you made are just lovely!
    I really love toy stores, cause I can feel like a kid again ;)

  6. Definitely a she. What shall her name be?
    PS. Laura I love you but that green stuff is just gross lol

  7. Sooo sweet!!!
    I hear so much about those green drinks. I need to try them out sometime!
    Happy weekend to you, Lovely!!!

  8. Oh, and besides legos, the hubs said he's totally up for modern warfare or call of duty. lol.

  9. Oh my fawn! I love her and yes, I think "her" as well. I will some day have a little fawn in my house. I actually had my first green drink last week and LOVED it. I need to do more. I agree with everyone else in that you are so super cute.

  10. Love your new addition to the family! I definitely think it is a girl. How fun!
    And I just noticed the other day that our cilantro from last year has taken over in our garden. Yay!! Fresh salsa soon!


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