The Day of Weenie Roasting

and the fun commences...

our day of weenie roasting was a success. a day full of good friends and a campfire, all you need sometimes...

Hazel came along for the party, and as soon as we arrived she got heckled for being in the nude, so my dad made her a quick little outfit out of a sock! I personally think it made her look like a character from Legally Blonde (which I happen to love, but dont think it fits Hazel at all), but we just rolled with it. Then we added a pretty little bow around her neck. After she helped Jonathan make some bean dip...

My dad tried to hook her up with his chihuahua Noogs, but he was not very interested to say the least...
so, when Hazel saw renea opening a bottle of wine...
she decided she wanted a good old Kirin Ichiban, her mommas favorite!
renea rolled a cigarette while we proceeded to hang around the porch and start our chatting...
then her and her boy sat up on the deck for a bit...
then we started the campfire for the weenie roasting, and everyone gradually made their way over.
Isabel showed up with camera in hand and was so ready to snap pictures along my side. she wants to be a photographer like me some day, so cute!
we took some pics in the flowers...
and brought Hazel along with us...
Isabel and Xavier were being so silly with thier momma, Shelley on the hammock. Isabel was play biting her and Xavier started to catch on, which basically just turned into a giggle fest.

{so bella just laid her fat butt on my keyboard and erased a bunch of pics, and i am too lazy right now to put them back in!!! so minus some pics of Xavier, Shelley and Dominc, sorry}

of course renea and i did the photo taking of each other!
she is so scrumptous!
james standing by the fire. he got like 3 hours of sleep and was so tired, hes prob gonna get mad that i posted this pic b/c he looks tired, but he is still so handsome!!!
my dad's friend Kathy, which I hardly know but absolutely adore. she is so nice, funny, witty, pretty, intelligent, LOVE HER!
this adorable grey haired man is my daddy!
and at the end of a long fun day, Hazel just had a bit too much to drink...
there were a bunch more photos, but oh well.

I am so behind on blogging its ridiculous. ill catch up one day... i still havent even posted easter! eeeeek!



  1. Poor Hazel doesn't know how to handle her liquor. I am so glad you guys had a good weenie roasting day! You and Renea are just too adorable and poor James. Just give the guy a pillow and call it a day! hehe

  2. These are great photos!! Hope all is lovely! Much love to you! xo

  3. That poor dog looks, well, terrified lol!
    Hazel is a good name. I was just blathering on elsie's blog how I wish I could have named my kid something old-fashioned like that, but my [first]husband was being a conservative turd. Wow umm.... I'll go now teehee

  4. awwww, that's one awesome day :)
    hahaha that deerie is so cute when she inebriated!


  5. hazel looks like she had a blast!! i lost the stories you put to all of this!! You're so adorable!
    Glad you guys had a great time with loved ones! :)

  6. these looks super fun, i really really really love how you process them sweet photos!

  7. I just found your blog...and it is so unique and beautiful! I love it and I'm nabbing a button.

  8. It looks like you all had a great day. I love your new designs they are beautiful.

  9. Haha I love that last photo of Hazel, it really made me laugh. What a fun day!


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