so, you might think ive gone a bit crazy with the cute animals lately, but they have been a huge bright spot in my life as of late.

Meet Oliver, my newest buddy.

James surprised me with him and i literally screamed when he showed him to me. I saw him on Stitchface a while back and fell in love, and he is even cuter in person. I am sooooo impressed with him. I seriously want an entire stitchface collection. so if you are ever at a loss for a bday present... hint hint*

He went with us for a car ride to go get our hair cuts yesterday. He rather enjoyed himself, the sun was peeking through the rain filled clouds, we even got a little pink on our shoulders...
is he not perfection?
i got bangs! its a bit shorter, just b/c i had to cut the dead ends off, but im still growing it out long!
i gave him a cape to play with while i cooked dinner... he was pretending to be a super hero... glad he didnt fly down into my pan of veggies!

'bear hug'
my adorable hat from miss indie, i love it so much!!!
check out her shop!
and...i just finished my second diptych project for miss match, although this week turned into a triptych b/c there was an odd number of participants... check out the links to see the other artists work, they are fabulous!

Our prompt this week was 'soft'.
Lots of new fabulous clothes hitting the shop today, be on the lookout for updates via facebook!



  1. i still love little stuffed animals! the bangs are adorable :)

  2. gosh... love those bangs.... darn it..!!!! sooooo cute :)
    and lets talk about this beanie.... it was sooo meant to be you writing this blog... my dog ate my favorite beanie in peices and Ive been feeling a bit lost ever since without it as I dont like to brush my hair very often.. hehe.

    So... in summary.. .thanks a million trillion billion.... I just ordered my miss indie hat! you rock... thanks for the shout out for the cool beanie.

    Luvs.... XO.

  3. I have a thing for stuffed animals too, i always have. sometmes i use the kids as an excuse to buy a stuffed animal that I have fallen in love with on Etsy. Love you hair! Have a great weekend!

  4. Wow, he is soooo cute! Where did you get him?

  5. Whoops, just saw the link. Love!!!

  6. Shelly - glad im not the only one!

    Shauna - YAY! i love mandy from miss indie, her stuff is great and super wonderful quality! so happy you got one! thanks for the bang love too, it takes a bit to get used to again.

    Meg - i will most likely do the same thing when i have kids!

    Kara - there is a link to it on my blog...

  7. Kara - haha, i just posted that before you did, glad you saw it :)

  8. This is the cutest thing I've ever seen.

    Everything from stitchface is now on my etsy wishlist. =]
    And with the cape? ADORABLE!

  9. i have the very same hat! :)

  10. I love that little bear! Thanks for posting the shop where you got it, I have been looking for just the right kitty for Bella for a while to celebrate her half birthday coming up :)
    I'm loving all of the new shirts you are posting, I feel like I've favorited them all!

  11. Laura - awesome, you should get one, they are the best!

    Danielle - woo hoo, we are hat twinkies!

    Betsy - yay, get bella a kitty! i want a kitty so bad!

  12. Oliver is adorable! As are you!!! Love the bangs! Hope you're having a wonderful day!!! xo


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