Foodie Post - Chard Salad & Peanut Butter Oatmeal


red bell peppers
red onion
baby bella mushrooms
feta cheese
sea salt & pepper

I have made the choice to get back to my healthy eating, something Ive sorta put off for about a year now. Looking forward to getting my garden started back up... Ive been eating tons of these veggies lately, so I must get creative with how I put them together.

Betsy and Katelyn, this is also for you girls! Ill be doing these food posts as often as I can, lets share!

So first, you must get out your trusty knife and make a sailor face...

Then you MUST put on a cute apron...
...and yes, you must wash your veggies...
then chop up all of your goodies. I usually like to add spinach but I was low in my garden. if you have spinach, then just make it half and half.
...chop your nuts :)
and your veggies
put your onions in first and stir fry them in organic first press olive oil until almost golden...
then throw in your bell pepper and do the same, then the mushrooms... and nuts!
once all of your veggies are slightly golden (a bit undercooked is always better and has more nutrition), throw in your chard. cook until chard is wilted and a bit soft...
toss in sea salt and pepper, fresh lemon juice and a splash of italian dressing vinagrette to taste.
toss in some feta cheese and quickly stir and then plate up! i dont like my cheese completely melted, so make it quick :)
...and here it is! yummy grilled goodness...
I made it again today and added zuchinni and brocolli!
and for breakfast...


I got this recipe from a book, and I did it wrong, but here it is anyway.

to make 4 servings:
2 cups oatmeal flakes
4 tbs peanut butter (substitute almond butter for healthier option)
1 tbs cinnamon
2 cups almond milk (or other milk)
2 cups water

boil liquids, then add oats and peanut butter and cinammon, stir and cook for about 5 minutes.

I put in way too much peanut butter, (i didnt use measuring spoons) and it was really peanut buttery!!! but good. slice some bananas on top! and whole grain toast on the side.

seriously filling, so you may want to cut this recipe down tremendously and eat like 1/2 of one serving yourself.

Hope you enjoy! Let me know if you try either of these and how you liked it!



  1. Oh my goodness. I know what I'm cooking next morning I have off. And when it's my turn to pick dinner. Wowza those are some yummy looking recipes Laura. Adorable post and thanks for sharing. You know you're far too adorable to look menacing with a kitchen knife. ;P

  2. oh that looks so good! I am not eating meat so this recipe is perfect!


  3. haha I definitely agree with Renea about the adorable part! I am going to try the oatmeal in the morning! I told Joey we need to plant chard in our garden and he planted spinach yesterday! I can't wait till it comes in.

  4. Oh Laura you are amazing! These recipes look awesome. I'm so glad you took pictures because the first recipe isn't something I've had, but looking at the pictures I was saying, "I can make this!" cause I love to stir fry. And it's a nice way to get lots of veggies and no carbs. Every time I make stir fry, I'm like, can I add noodles?? lol! I looove the second recipe also! I'm saving them in my recipe box thingy, and it wouldn't just be good for me, it'd be nice to get Bella to eat oatmeal. She doesn't like the texture, but loves peanut butter so I will try it. I will surely post some of my regular recipes I've been doing lately!
    I must get an apron to participate, I don't have a cute one!

  5. haha Betsy! I don't either I forgot to mention that about the apron!

  6. This totally made my stomach growl. Not even kidding. Looks soooo good!

  7. Mmm I think I'll go have a bowl of peanut butter oatmeal right now! It's been my baby's breakfast of choice almost since she was old enough to chew! My mom makes it with natural peanut butter and sweetener, but me I like the good stuff, with brown sugar and cinnamon!

  8. we use natural peanut butter too! i forgot to mention that!

  9. I am super craving for the oatmeal!!

  10. great recipes :) the food looks scrumptious!
    I love bananas and oatmeal that's like the best combo ever ^_^


  11. omg! That salad looks so good!! I love anything with FETA on it. mmmmm now I'm getting hungry. I'm going to have to try that out!

  12. This is great! I just found your site!

    I started cooking like 3 months ago...ok I've cooked like three things:). But now I have a great resource!!

    Following you! This should keep me busy!!

  13. Mmmmm the chard salad!!
    Delicious.... nom nom nom...
    My mouth's watering...
    Oh Laura what a wonderful post girl.
    And the pictures... yummy!!

  14. I am making that oatmeal in the morning. It sounds so good. The salad looks great too. I am on a health food kick too and we hope to get our garden out next weekend!!
    Thanks for the yummy recipes.

  15. this looks amazing & you are SO adorable!


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