Poor Pitiful Pearl Photos

I have so many things to post, but one thing at a time. Easter is just going to have to wait...

Here is a sneak of the first photos edited from my photo shoot with Shauna from Poor Pitiful Pearl and her beautiful family.

It felt like the longest day waiting for them to arrive, and then before I knew it, it was time for them to leave. I must admit, I had little butterflies to meet her, but as soon as I saw her and we hugged, it was like she said, we were old friends.

She is super hip and stylish and so is her husband with his tattoos and blue and pink mohawk...

I was so excited to meet her new little one, Italia. And omg is she precious! She had the prettiest eyes. I made her this little headband and it looked so cute on her!

Donnie liked the pattern on my blanket on my bed, so we took little Italia in there to take her picture. Im so glad he said something. These are my favorite ones of her. And she started holding up her head, which Shauna was delighted with, I think it was a first! Or at least that much...

Look at all of her cute hair sticking up! Eeeeek, she is adorable!!!

We snuggled her with all of our bed babies. Yes, James and I actually sleep with all of these guys everynight. And if one of them is not in bed, we have to find them... The Snoopy is his from when he was little. We got the matching teddy bears while first dating. The plaid bunny I rescued from a Goodwill b/c it just looked like it needed a good home, and the other bear was a gift for james...
I love this little crooked face she is making...

And this little one, McCoy could be my best friend. As soon as she got out of the truck and saw me, her eyes opened up wide and she came right up to me with her arms open out for a big hug! It was the sweetest thing ever. She talked and talked, it was so cute. She LOVED bella. And she told me I have alot of really cool and interesting things in my house :) She is wearing one of the little headbands I made her.
She is the perfect model for PPP, she looks so cute in this dress! And they all had matching black cons on!!! (pics of that later)
smiling and twirling
love this...
Thank you so much Shauna! I am so happy to meet your little family.


And this is my beautiful best friend and her two little babies, Isabel and Xavier. They went to the beach this past weekend and she wore the shirt I made her, which looks soooo good on her!!! We are doing a Violet Bella photoshoot this week that I am very excited about!

Lots more to come.



  1. those photos turned out sooo beautiful Laura! and I love Shelley's shirt...she's so gorgeous. :)

  2. Sooo precious!!! I loooove the baby's hair sooo much!!! Adorable!
    Such great pics!!!

  3. Those are adorable! Love the hair, it reminds me of my oldest when she was a baby, her hair always stuck up like that! Have a great night!


  4. those are SO SO SO SO amazing!!!

  5. I cant believe these are MY photos... that actually get to be on my walls. how did i get so lucky to find you?

    ps your teddy bears rock!

  6. awww those pictures are so adorable!! Her family is absolutely precious, and your photos capture their cuteness PERFECTLY. :]

  7. Wonderful pics!!!! Love the hair! Too cute!

  8. These photos are just awesome! Those photos of Italia are just perfect, I love her snuggled up on the bed, so sweet for a little girl. And McCoy couldn't be any cuter in the converse! Shauna, you have such cute kids! Awesome job Laura, you are so gifted.
    Your friend Shelley looks great in that shirt! Lookin forward to a photoshoot!
    Thanks for sharing these pictures!

  9. thank you to all of you girls! it helps to have adorable subjects :)

  10. Oh goodness, these photos are so precious!!!

  11. Wonderful pictures! How cute is that baby?? Her hair is perfect for that headband! You are so sweet to make those for them. Looks like it was a great day !


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