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If you actually read through my last post, I applaud you! It was a novel. Thank you. Im back today with another quick outfit post... I love the weather that I can wear shorts and my long sleeve PPP tops in. A true favorite.  Speaking of favorites, this is my alltime favorite PPP oxy top.  I found this mens western shirt at Goodwill and sent it straight to Shauna to beautify it up so I could wear it.  LOVE.  Cut off shorts, are one of my favorite things in the world.  I even cut James old jeans into shorts to wear.  I like them short, long, tight, loose, all different ways, so just about any pair of old jeans will suit me.  I was going through my bathing suits last night to see if I could go without getting a new one this year.  As badly as I want one, they are just so expensive for any of the ones I like.  So Ive decided this years suit will be my moms old cotton floral embroidered halter top and a pair of tiny cut off shorts.  I mostly only swim in the river anyway, so it will be just fine. If our rivers even fill up enough this year to swim, last year they didnt.  The drought was so rough.

After seeing these pics it made me realize I dont get a whole lot of photos that actually show my tattoos.  Im hoping to go get my sleeve finished maybe next week while James has some time off.  Its about 2 years overdue now and already paid for.  See what kind of a procrastinator I can be???  Geez. 

<<< outfit details >>>
jean cutoffs
sandals // blowfish shoes
necklace & bracelet // spiral drift
braided bracelets // flourish leather



  1. It sounds like your mom and I grew up in the same "era"... cotton floral halter top took me back and now makes me wanna find one! Love the PPP'd pearl snap!

  2. I always love your leather accessories.

    xoxo - http://cachecloset.blogspot.com/

  3. This might be a weird question but I'm wondering what you say to your stylist to get that great haircut. It's the same basic style that I want but whenever I try to explain it to my stylist she gives me a much choppier look where the hair layers don't frame my face in that subtle, perfect way. I feel like I'm just not explaining it right ...

  4. laura, your style is one of the reasons i read your blog! i've been wondering what kind of bra to wear with a top like this, or the F21 crocheted vest? going bra-less just isn't an option for me.

  5. love your tats. and your outfits. all of it. :)

  6. Love these photographs & your new hair ;)

  7. to answer the hair question: not really sure. its kind of just how its grown out from having short hair. i just tell he not to take to much length off and to try to keep the layers coherent as they grow out. she kind of just does it. ive never really had to explain it to her... i wish i had a better answer!!

    the bra question: just a bandeau bra. i found a great cotton one at walmart that was super cheap. i have one nice lacey one from UO but its really uncomfortable so i only wear it if something is going to show it.

  8. gorgeous!!!!
    i hope you do get your tattoo finished! i'm craving a new one right now so i have tattoos on th brain.

  9. beautiful blouse and I love how you styled it

  10. I love that shirt, the style & pattern are absolutely beautiful. Your tattoo work is amazing as well. Such beautiful images & gorgeous colouring!


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