Caramelized Apple & Nutella Pizza >>>

Today I made an out of the blue treat for lunch, apple and nutella pizza!  James parents came over to help us cut up the big tree that fell in our driveway yesterday and after they left James finished working in the yard.  He mowed the whole property.  While he was doing that I snuck in the kitchen to make us some pizza.  I already had the dough made, I usually make it in batches of 4 pizzas, so when I do, we eat pizza for a few days in a row.  But it wasnt until I opened up my fridge and saw that bright red apple staring at me that I knew I was going to make this!  I grabbed it and decided to make a dessert pizza for lunch, and it turned out soooo yummy! 

All I did was slice the apple thinly and caramelized them in a skillet with butter and cinnamon.  Then layered my dough with nutella, spread the apples on top and bake, and then lightly sprinkled with powder sugar.  The nutella did want to bubble and burn a bit, so next time Ill make a thicker crust so it wont crisp up so much.  But it was still soooo yums!  Homeade pizzas are one of my favorite things to make.



  1. i adore nutella! i never thought to put it with apples. fun new thing to try. :)

  2. Oh my lord. I LOVE nutella on apples, and this has just blown my mind.

    xoxo - http://cachecloset.blogspot.com/

  3. Looks so yummy!! I think I'll have to try to do a gluten-free version of this soon :)

  4. Oh my goodness that looks sooo delicious! What a good idea! Yum! X

  5. This looks AMAZING! I also love making homemade pizzas, never tried a dessert one though...


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