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It's almost officially spring here and there have still been days to get all bundled up in jackets and beanies.  Then of course, since its Texas, the very next day will feel like summer.  I was excited to squeeze in one more beanie day b/c I just love them so.  This gorgeous mustard pom pom beanie is from Softspoken.  A while back I did a photoshoot for her and she now has the images up in her shop, so you can browse through and see pics of me sporting her goods!!!  It was such a fun shoot, Ill share more images on here soon now that she has them released.  This super rad necklace is from Bohemiantown.  You may remember me wearing it here.  Vicki, the designer, is such a sweet soul.  This amazing forest green velvet hooded jacket is from the 60's and Ive had it in my closet since I was about 15.  Adore this jacket.  My sweet friend Hillary, since you asked a while back what brand these jeans are, they are Level 99.  The inside waistline is lined with roosters, how fun is that???  And these utterly amazing sandals are my newest loves c/o Blowfish Shoes.  You can find them here.  I love how they are a mix of earthy bohemian with modern design.  Perfection.  Blowfish has so many killer shoes out right now.  They just keep blowing themselves out of the water with each new collection.  Many of you know the depth of my love for Moorea Seal... Im still loving this arrowhead ring of hers.  She has some lovely colors stocked in her shop right now.

Tomorrow Ill be flying to Dallas (Rain, Ill be so close) for Sabe's funeral.  Its going to be a long day.  It will be so sad, but nice to meet more of his family and friends that we had not met yet.  Im really hoping I feel all better by tonite.  The past two days Ive been battling a soar throat.  It hasnt come on full blown b/c Ive been doctoring myself, but it is sure trying!  I really dont want to get anyone else sick and I cant miss this funeral....  Ill have some prescheduled posts here on the blog, so keep checking back. 



  1. You make beanies look amazing and those shoes seem comfortable! I hope you stay well and again, so sorry for your loss.
    Catherine Denton

  2. :: aching ::
    oh you will be close!!! <3
    sending love to you and your family....

  3. laura, you're coming to my neck of the woods. it was rainy all weekend, but the sun is shining full force today. it's been around 70 degrees here. i have a blouse with a very similar print to the one you're wearing. have a safe trip! :)

  4. I have an uncle that lives in Texas, he loves to boast how great the weather is down there compared to here in Ohio. It's funny I was just looking at Moorea's jewelry today and was thinking about getting one of the arrowhead rings, it was a pretty amythest colored one. I hope you feel better soon!

  5. I just love those necklaces of yours...someday I will buy one ;)

  6. Wow just found your blog and it's kick-ass! Great outfit post, really dig your style. And where is that owl hanging from?? It's fantastic.

    love & light to you and your family
    xx stone

  7. I'll be sending you al my best wishes and prayers for the funeral my friend. When my grandma passed away, the funeral was very helpful for me in coming to grasps with her passing. It suddenly felt real, and SO hard, but because I was surrounded by so many people I didn't know, I was comforted in recognizing, WOW my grandma has impacted so many different peoples lives in her lifetime that I never knew about. I felt so lucky to be her grand daughter in that moment.
    This is hard to say, but I have been to SO many funerals in my life. My dad is a priest and so I have been to the funerals of many many people in his church and I unfortunately have lost a lot of loved ones and friends to accidents and health problems even at a young age. But my grandmother was the only person who did an open casket, which I was SO afraid of going to. So afraid. When I saw her laying there I was overwhelmed and started bawling, I told her, "my gaga, I love you and I will miss you." But even in my fear, I finally came to realize that the body is just a vessel for the beauty that is a persons spirit. I realized my grandmother was no longer in that body, that my grandmother wasn't JUST her body, my grandma was so much MORE than her body. Her love and presence in my life when she was alive was the truest part of her. And it was her time to move on to something greater, a spiritual level I can't understand.
    I hope in explaining that experience that you feel some comfort my friend. Sabe is now gone from his body, but his spirit will ALWAYS be alive in those who were lucky enough to spend time with him, be influenced by him for the greater. The most amazing thing about humanity is that we are just these weird animals sometimes, moving in the world like any other animal. But we have something magical in us that connects to other humans, even other animals, and speaks of something deeper, a spiritual connection, something that does not leave us in death.
    You are still connected and I pray he visits you in dreams my friend. Love you so much.
    xo Moorea

  8. moorea love, i cannot thank you enough for extending this love to me. i feel the exact same way you do. that is what i kept reminding myself of as we were watching him go. and after so many nightmares and visions of my daddy's suicide, i really had to grasp ahold of this truth, that we are not our bodies. it was the same thing when we had to say goodbye to my mom, but my dad's death was so much more painful to come to terms with beyond the human-ness of it all. i have been visited by all of them in my dreams. sabe was in my dreams for the first time ever the night after he died. and i have been visited countless times by both my mom and dad in my dreams. my dad actually explained alot to me through my dreams. so many questions i had, he sort of answered. i will never let go of the spirit of these wonderful souls who i was soooooo fortunate to know in this lifetime, and yes, who have impacted me in the biggest ways possible. they have all left true marks on my heart and spirit. fortunately all of them have been closed casket funerals, although I have been to a few open, and it was very hard.

    thank you again, and always for your love moorea.

    and to everyone else who has extended their love to our family during all of these hard times. thank you.

  9. I'm in love with that sweet little necklace!
    xo Heather

  10. Your entire outfit is gold. Totally swooning over here.

    Also, I am sending you positive light during this hard time. xoxo.


  11. Gorgeous pics as always.
    I am in love with your sandals! so tempted by blowfish sale section aswel, i'll have to check shipping to the uk.

    Hope you feel better soon. xx maybe your illness is related to your grief? I hope you dont get too sick though and the funeral goes well.




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