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The other day I really wanted to wear this skirt from Kayemkay, which I have been saving for a special night out. Why? I dont know, I guess when I get a special piece of clothing I tend to hoard it for that just right moment. Well, I got tired of waiting, and decided to just dress it down into a super comfy outfit for the day. Im so glad I got it out of my head that this skirt needed to be for a dress up outfit b/c it worked so well casual. The material is s very soft microsuede, so it feels so luxurious, I think that is what threw me off for casual wear. I love love love that it has pockets! And is the pattern/color not the most perfect combo ever??? Ahhhh, love. You can find this same skirt in her shop here

This adorable tee was sent to me from my dear friend Katelyn just b/c she said it reminded her of me!  She was so perfectly right on!  Ive worn it so many times since I got it just shy of two weeks ago.  Thank you Katelyn!!!  Ive been finding any excuse to wear these Blowfish sandals.  LOVE them.  Ridiculously comfy for being so darn cute!  Oh, and how do you like my one little patch of flowers below?  I made James mow around them b/c its the only color I have out there until I get some plants.

<<< outfit details >>>
hat + ring + bangle + tank // forever 21
shirt // gifted (but from old navy)
skirt // kayemkay
sandals // blowfish shoes
necklace // roots and feathers

Time to go to work and bust out some major orders!



  1. this is so gorgeous! that skirt is breathtaking!

  2. I like how you mentioned how soft it was. I really bond with soft, comfortable, flowy-type clothes. I think looking comfy AND presentable makes a person way more approachable :) Beautiful outfit! I so enjoy your style.

  3. that skirt, the whole outfit! sigh. is your nail polish navy or black? i like the patch of purple flowers too.

  4. you always look unbelievably adorable. i still think you need to move to missouri and dress this pregnant lady!

  5. teddi, my polish is charcoal grey :)

  6. Ahhhh, I LOVE this outfit! We need to live waaaaay closer so we can raid each others closets. :)


  7. Gorgeous outfit! That skirt does work really well in a casual outfit, but I could see it being dressed up as well. So beautiful.

  8. cute, cute, cute. you look to be feeling better after your tough spots a few posts ago. xo.

  9. You alone have made me a blowfish shoes lover for LIFE!

    xoxo. -brittany

  10. That skirt is so ridiculously beautiful! And the shoes? I'm searching the world over for my perfect sandals for summer 2012, and I think these may be in the running. Divine!

  11. Your outfit is fabulous! I'm in love with the skirt!


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