Sentimental Porch Makeover >>>

A few weeks ago I re-vamped a corner of my back porch.  I added a little shelf and filled it to the brim with rocks, seashells, handmade artisan sculptures and old flower pots, all from my mom's house.  I even kept broken bits and pieces of some mosaic pots.  I absolutely love this space now.  One little step closer to creating our backyard sanctuary. 

Speaking of sanctuary's... I want to give a huge thank you to Melissa of Bubby & Bean for her awesome guest post.  I loved reading about the places she has been and the simple places she finds to calm her soul.  Her and I are kindred spirits on a deep level, and Im so very glad we found each other. 

I have all of the winner's of last month's giveaways drawn!  Ill be posting them in my next post!  Be on the lookout to see if it was YOU!



  1. So pretty Laura! Your pots and wall stone decoration things are lovely. I hope one day to have such cool things sprinkled about my yard too : ]
    And! I love love love that picture with all the shells on top. That's an absolutely fabulous idea. I've accumulated many shells over my lifetime (kinda hard not to living near the coastline and all) and they sort of just take up space. But I think this could make them take up space with a purpose. Thanks for sharing more beauty!

  2. This is beautiful and so special. I can't even imagine the energy in that space.

    And I'm so very glad we found each other too. Soul sister. :)


  3. Gorgeous! What a beautiful little space.

  4. i love this! very earthy and boho!

  5. i really love it!! i esp. love the girl! so mysterious!

  6. your taste in aesthetics is magic, lady. just magic.


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