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Yesterday the boy and I went on a date, just for the heck of it.  He asked me a few days ago if I wanted to, and of course I said yes!  We both had some gift cards to spend in a few special places so that was on our list of to do's.  I got a really pretty shirt at Anthropologie!!!  We listened to Nirvana the whole way there, it was fun and nostalgic.  We of course got some Starbucks, although we always wish there were a more down to earth local option around, but that is not the case around us.  The one coffee shop we have in our town that we would go to closes at 2:30 everyday!  Way too early if you ask me.  Then we grabbed some pear and procuitto pizza at our fav pizza place.  All in all it was a nice night spent with my boy.  I think its way important to take time out with your main squeeze when you can!

I wore a new favorite outfit too, full of striped goodness.  I scored this awesome shirt from The Rocker Shop on etsy a few weeks ago.  Love it!  My favorite outfits are ones that are super cute, but equally as comfortable, like this long tee with leggings, ahhh... It was cold out so I layered up.  I wore my striped Noni beanie.  You can find these through Poor Pitiful Pearl during select times.  Her hubbies sweet grandmother makes them, how cool is that!! She just happens to have a few in the shop right now, which is rare, so grab one if you see one you cant live without b/c they dont last long!!!  I also just got this darling necklace in the mail from Natacha of Nanoukiko.  I love the colors of it... I wore it again today. (She is offering 25% of everything in her shop to my readers this month, see details under the sponsor spots).  And.... do you see this amazing bracelet adorning my wrist????  I freaked when I first saw Danielle of Flourish Leather release these babies.  So so beautiful.  She so kindly gifted me one, because she is stellar like that!  I love it.  Have worn it every day since I got it.  Eeeekkk!  (I also wore my simple gray braided one from her too).  And of course, my fav Blowfish boots... cant get enough of these babies.



  1. You're so stinking cute. I just want to hug you <3

  2. You look amazing! I am absolutely in love with your style. Those leggings are extremely cute.

  3. oh crap, I just checked out that shirt shop and I'm afraid to even go near Etsy again. the one with the giant cat?! ohhhh crap I need that on my body!

  4. You two are so cute ;)

  5. I have a hat similar to this one (much less cute story) and it's my new favorite thing to wear with e v e r y t h i n g. You look beautiful!

  6. I love everything about your outfit!!
    Dates are wonderful...and so are all those Nirvana CD's!

  7. beautiful Laura, i love your hair and your hat is great

  8. Was there ever a more adorable couple? I don't think so!!! ;)

  9. Aaah! You two are so cute together!
    As always love your photos and damn your t-shirt is awesome!

  10. I hope they will make me that shirt! It doesn't appear there are any more. I love it!
    Great outfit as always!

  11. aw thats cute you both deserve it

    great top!

    xo katrina

  12. I love love love that shirt and the hat is pretty amazing as well


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