January Group Sponsor Giveaway >>>

One lucky winner will receive all of these amazing items listed below!  This is such a fun group of girls and I highly recommend checking out each of their shops and more.  See the ways to enter below...

 red chateau hat from my avonlea

 bracelet, necklace & keychain from nanoukiko

 8x10 print by the gingham owl

 $50 shop credit from gaia metal studios

 green earth facial mask kit from cosmic bath and body

'laura' studded leather bracelet from moorea seal
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visit each of these 5 shops and tell me your favorite item from each (yes you have to work just a bit to win all this loot!)

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  1. What a great giveaway! I visited all 6 shops and these are my favorite pieces: MyAvonlea: I love the Accordian dress, Nanoukiko: The Golden Vintage Fabric Necklace, The Gingham Owl: the Dreamy Butterfly Photo, Gaia: The Champagne Drusy Ring (LOVE!), Cosmic Bath: The Cafe Mocha Soap, and from Moorea Seal: I adore the Chevron Dangle Earrings.

    shannonweel (at) gmail (dot) com

  2. Oh my, I LOVE everything about this giveaway!! I visited My Avonlea and LOVED the Reversible Wool Cape Poncho

  3. I love the SALMON vintage woven fabric bracelet from nanoukiko's etsy shop!

  4. Fun giveaway! Here are my faves:

    My Avonlea - 1960s vintage reversible wool cape poncho (her shop photos are SO gorgeous!
    nanoukiko - beige woven fabric necklace
    The Gingham Owl - beach cottage seastars print
    Gaia - Pear shaped red titanium drusy and sterling silver posts
    Cosmic - lavender and honey lip balm (yum!)
    Moorea - Dainty Lady Headpiece

    Fingers crossed! :)

  5. The mint dragonfly photograph from the gingham owl is so awesome!

  6. Oh myyy, I loveee the Bright Amber and Sterling Silver Ring from Gaia Metal Studios. My names Amber and I love Amber rings :)

  7. I love the All Natural Bless My Face Clay Facial Mask Set from Cosmic Bath and Body. It looks fun!

  8. I have a studded watch and the The Diana Bracelet from Moorea Seal would go perfectly with it!!

  9. I LOVE these giveways and finally decided to enter one! From My Avonlea I loved the marylin dress, from Nanoukiko I absolutely love the charm bracelet (as I am obsessed with most jewelry), from The Gingham Owl I loved the Dreamy Butterfly Photo because it would fit perfect in my room, I absolutely adored the pink dendritic agate and sterling silver ring from Gaia Metal Studio, loved the exfolitating coffee soap that i would totally share with my mom and last but not least I NEED to get my hands on the Chain, Chain, Chain headpiece from Moorea Seal as I've wanted one of hers for like EVER! I love your blog and i visit it everyday :)

  10. Oooh, I'm so excited to learn about Cosmic Bath and Body! Also, Moorea Seal bracelets NEED to be on my wrists!
    LOVE this giveaway!
    Emily Jean

  11. This is such a special giveaway! I perused all the shops and these are what I found:
    Myavonlea- Light blue turquoise shirt dress
    Nanoukiko-green vintage fabric necklace
    Gingham Owl-the mint dragonfly photo (I love dragonflies)
    Gaia Metal studio-pear shaped bloodstone and sterling silver ring
    Cosmic Bath and body- the lavendar whipped shea butter body frosting sounds wonderful
    Moorea seal- I have been lusting after an arrowhead ring for a while now.

  12. My avonlea- Vtg 1960's Boho Folk Peasant Prairie A-line Dusty Rose "Tavian" Dress
    Moorea Seal - Gold Chevron Dangles
    Cosmic Bath and Body - Fresh Mint Buttery, Moisturizing Luscious Lip Balms
    Gaia Metal Studio - Oval Green, Blue, and White Botswana Agate and Sterling Silver Earrings
    The Gingham Owl - flamingo photograph
    Nanoukiko - thread & beads necklace




  13. What an amazing giveaway!

    My Avonlea- wool cape poncho.
    nanoukiko- natural cotton thread bracelet
    the gingham owl- rainbow ferris wheel print
    Gaia Metal Studio- wound, weaved, twisted sterling silver ring
    Cosmic Bath & body- exfoliating coffee soap
    Moorea Seal- the kyla bracelet

  14. From My Avalon 1950-60s burnt red terra

    From nanoukiko thread beads necklace

    From the gingham owl vintage brass vase etched floral bud

    From gaia metal studios oval-moonstone and sterling silver post

    From cosmic bath and body Coffee soap.

    From moorea seal Silver Chevron Dangle Earrings

    rachhope1995 {at} gmail {dot} com

  15. 1.) Such amazing shops! My favorite items from each were: My Avonlea - Jenni Tulip Dress, The Gingham Owl - Ferris Wheel Photo Print, Gaia Metal Studio - Pear Shaped Red Titanium Drusy/Sterling Posts, Cosmic Bath & Body - Moisturizing Facial Soap, Moorea Seal - Triple Quartz Spike Necklace.

    2.) I tweeted about the giveaway! (@Bitty603)


  16. My avonelea
    Vtg 1970s Malouf Small/Medium Blur Purple Silver "Asher" Shift Dress

    gingham owl
    mint nursery art ferris wheel photo pastel baby kids room carnival decor soft aquamarine baby blue pale mint green peachy pink aqua cream

    gaia metal studio
    Copper Money Clip---Antique Finish with Criss Cross Line Texture

    cosmic bath and body
    All Natural French Clay Facial Mask, Bless My Face Set with Orange Blossom Water Exfoliating, Deep Pore Cleaning

    morea seal
    Key to the Secrets. Leather Mini Book Necklace

  17. I love all these prizes! From Avonlea I love the 1970s Medium - Yellow Sage Green - Floral Boho Indie Folk - A-line Wing Sleeve - Dress

    From Nanoukiko I love the beige woven fabric necklace

    From the Gingham Owl I love the flamingo photograph

    From Gaia Metal I love the Seashell Ring

    From Cosmic Bath I love the Coffee soap

    From Moorea Seal I lvoe the Chevron Dangles!

  18. 1) I shared this giveaway on FB. UPDATE: Facebook won't let me link this because they say it is spam...ridiculous. Will try again!

    2) My favourites from the shops

    Handmade Vintage Dress:

    Purple Big Cotton Bracelet:

    Beach Photo:

    Labradorite Necklace (My favourite Stone):

    French Clay Mask Set:

    Silver and Quartz Droplet Earrings:

    Amy :)

    amykaireen (at) hotmail (dot) com

    You can find me blogging at

  19. My favorite item's from the shops are:

    1. Mooreaseal - Gold Chevron Dangles

    2. Cosmic Bath and Body - All Natural Bless My Face Clay Facial Mask Set with Lavender Water

    3.Gaia Metal Studio - Champagne Drusy Sterling Silver Ring

    4. The Gingham Owl - butterfly photo print dreamy nature mint seafoam green orange robins egg blue soft lilac romantic rustic farmhouse cottage decor

    5. Nanoukiko - purple bracelet

    6. My Avonlea - 1960's Rare Preppy Nerd Geekery Oversized Unisex Clear Non-Rx Tortoise Shell Eyeglasses

    My E-mail: brielle.dunham@yahoo.com
    My Twitter: @Brielle_RaNae

  20. Wow! Everything is super beautiful! My faves are...
    my avonlea: Vtg 1960s Medium Large White Floral Cotton Boho Folk Sheet Jumper Parachute A-line Dress

    nanoukiko:green vintage woven fabric necklace

    the gingham owl: dandelion photograph

    gaia metal studios:Oval Yellow Botswana Agate and Sterling Silver Necklace---White and Yellow Stripes

    cosmic bath and body: Cafe Mocha Exfoliating, Rich and Lathery Handmade Vegetable Based Soap

    moorea seal: Chain, Chain, Chain Headpiece

    *shared on FB!

  21. Lovely giveaway!

    My favorites are:

    Avonlea- 1970s Empire Waist Floral Eyelet Dress

    Nanoukiko- god's eye pendant necklace

    The Gingham Owl- blue valentine photo print

    Gaia Metal Studio-Rectangle Dichroic Glass ring

    Moorea Seal- Heart Shaped Amethyst Necklace

    xo, Megan

  22. What an awesome giveaway! Here are my favorites:

    My Avonlea - 1970's Silver Purple Gladstone necklace
    Nanoukiko - Thread & beads necklace
    The Gingham Owl - Soaring Bird print
    Gaia Metal Studios - Peanut Wood Jasper Ring
    Cosmic Bath & Body - Lavender Whipped Shea Butter
    Moorea seal - Tiny Box Earrings

    Crossing my fingers!!

  23. MyAvonlea- 1970 red leather coat.

    Nanoukik- threads & beads necklace

    The Gingham Owl- Printer's Alley

    Gaia- Red Blister Free form necklace

    Cosmic- Clay masks

    Moorea Seal- The Dainty lady headpiece

    This is by far the best giveaway!!

  24. I love the Twiggy Mod dress from My Avonlea, the camel vintage woven fabric bracelet from nanoukiku, the be my valentine
    owl print from the gingham owl, the light orange drusy ring from gaia metal studio (omg so beautiful!) the pomegranite lip
    balm from cosmic, and the arrow head ring from moorea seal.

    this giveaway is so beautiful.
    you have amazing sponsors laura!!

  25. Woot! :)

    My Avonlea - 1Vtg 1960's Boho Folk Peasant Prairie A-line Dusty Rose "Tavian" Dress
    nanoukiko - SALMON vintage woven fabric bracelet
    The Gingham Owl - Title: Swing High
    8x10 photograph- Fine Art Photo Print
    Gaia - White Shell and Sterling Silver Filigree Drop Earrings
    Cosmic - Cafe Mocha Exfoliating, Rich and Lathery Handmade Vegetable Based Soap
    Moorea - Chain, Chain, Chain Headpiece

  26. My Avonlea: the reversible poncho! so cute and cozy
    Nanoukiki: I want the charm bracelet!
    the gingham owl:any of the ferris wheel prints!
    metal studio: Copper Chrysocolla and silver ring!
    cosmic: lip balm
    moorea: dainty lady headpiece!

    I want it alllllll! :)

  27. I love this giveaway!
    My favorite items are

    * From MyAvonlea the 1970s Medium Leather - Red Brick Maroon - Women Jacket Coat
    *From Nanoukiko the Thread & beads necklace
    *From TheGinghamOwl the black and white photography fine art nature print serene ethereal dandelion charoal
    * From Gaia the Black Pear Shaped Botswana Agate and Sterling Silver Necklace
    *From CosmicBathandBody the All Natural Bless My Face Clay Facial Mask Set with Lavender Water

    and finally

    *From Moorea Seal the The Autumn Chevron Set

  28. Such great stores! I love:

    the Accordion Dress from MyAvonlea
    the woven fabric necklaces from Nanoukiko
    the ferris wheel print from The Gingham Owl
    the oval amber studs from Gaia Metal Studio
    the lavender whipped shea butter from Cosmic Bath and Body
    and the autumn chevron dangles from Moorea Seal


  29. Awesome giveaway! My favourites from all the shops are:

    Moorea seal: Triple quartz spike necklace
    Cosmic bath and body: pomegranate flavoured lipbalm
    Gaia metal studios: orange freeform sunstone ring
    The gingham owl: soaring bird photograph
    Nanoukiko: green vintage woven fabric necklace
    My Avonlea: Millie dress

  30. My avonlea : white lace dress
    Nanoukiko : woven fabric necklaces
    Gingham owl : ferris wheel print
    Gaia : red blister free form necklace
    Cosmic : autumn chevron dangles
    Moria : dainty lady headpiece

    Such lovely shops!

  31. My favourites are:

    My avolnea : twiggy mod dress
    Nanoukiko: big cotton thread turk head knot bracelet
    Gingham Owl: ferris wheel
    Gaia Metal Studios: champagne drusy sterling silver ring
    Cosmic Bath and Body: all natural bless my face set
    Moorea Seal: gold chevron dangles

  32. So exciting! Gorgeous wares...
    My avolnea: Vintage 1950s Fur Coat!
    Nanoukiko: God's Eye Pendant Necklace
    Gingham Owl: Earthy Tree Photograph
    Gaia Metal Studios: Square Tiger Eye Dangle Earrings
    Cosmic Bath and Body: Cafe Mocha Exfoliating Soap
    Moorea Seal: Silver Chevron Dangle Earrings

    Tweeted @Spiralbookcase! New bookseller here! I love my vocation, but I can't indulge in pretty things much anymore. :)

  33. WOW!!!!
    my avonlea- love love the twiggy mod dress
    nanoukiko- i like the thread and bead necklaces, espically the one with spikes!
    the gingham owl- that floral print bag, LOVE, and that horse sculpture
    gaia metal studio- those hammered bangels!
    cosmic- the facial oil. but id use it for my winter dry legs and feet
    moorea seal- the dainty lady headpiece, hands down


Thank you so much for your sweet comments!