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In preparation for my journey into soulodge,  I wanted to gather some pieces of the earth that felt sacred to me to use in some of the craft projects ahead of me.  Since a part of my healing process (a bit part) deals with the loss of my parents, I wanted these items to come straight from their property, to have a bit of their soul inside them.  I have always felt that their land they chose to make a life on was so very sacred.  I think anyone who came their felt that way.  And although alot of that feeling has left since they are gone, the land still holds so many fond memories and such a deep feeling of home that will never go away, long after it is sold and owned by someone unknown to us.  I walked through the woods with my basket in arm and gathered any little piece that spoke to me.  I hadnt trucked through those woods in so long, I even found places I dont remember as a child.  So many new paths made by families of deer.  There are so many little sacred tree covered areas in those woods.  It rips my heart to pieces to know that in the near future it will no longer be ours to walk upon.  So, for the special things I will be creating in the weeks ahead, I wanted them to be made with little pieces of this soul property. 

Today I am entering into a new sacredness for myself, one that is intentional, and held gently.  I will begin it with my yoga session with my darling sweet teacher.  Namaste.



  1. Feeling so heavy today, it feels like I could so use this sort of thing. *Sigh* Maybe I can live it through you. So glad you have this opportunity! I hope that you embrace healing and relief and wholeness. Your blog is a beautiful inspiration to me.

  2. yummy... there is nothing like it, or more important... I´ll be thinking of you tomorrow, 6am sharp, when my time with me begins, every morning.
    Once again

  3. I understand this a bit. When we moved out of my first house to the house we live in now I basically left behind my childhood--all the friends I played with, the awesome backyard we used to play in, and just the nature of being a kid. When I went back to visit a friend one day we snuck into my old house (it was still empty) and I was in search of something to take with me to the new house; something to remind me of the old house--quite silly since we had obviously taken everything in the move--but I found some old bath salts under my parents' sink that they had forgotten so I took that. : ] The smell reminded me of the house and though I haven't smelled it in awhile I think it still would.

    Anyway, I think this was a great idea, and if you are up to sharing, I am looking forward to seeing what you do with these pieces. : ]

  4. This is a fabulous idea, miss. Absolutely fabulous. When I moved here to Utah, I really didn't care about what I was leaving behind - because my heart and soul was already in Utah and no longer in Chicago. However, shortly after, my mom passed away and later on my dad couldn't stand being in the house anymore and sold the property - the people who bought said property ripped down the house, ripped up the yard and made a mental hospital. Just knowing that I can't go there, where my pets were, where my childhood bedroom was, etc. - knowing I can't show Jen where I once lived... It's all a little sad. I wish I had a piece of land, a stick, a stone - something - from there, to share with her, but I sadly cannot.

    You definitely did the right thing and I think you will be so happy as the years go by that you did this. A huge hug. <3

    ~ Angie

  5. wonderful pieces and beautiful story behind them, thanks for sharing

  6. Precious pieces, Laura. Very heartfelt. Cant wait to see what you make.

  7. This is a beautiful post, and a lovely assortment of items as well. Wishing you all the best!

  8. This is a beautiful post. I look forward to hearing about your journey through soulodge (and must admit I'm quite jealous :P).
    Happy thoughts your way. I'm off to do my yoga too!


  9. collecting things from forests has always been such a favourite of mine, especially from places that mean so much to me. Glad for you that you had the opportunity to still do so <3


  10. This made me cry. I love how you laid everything out with such care... each piece is special and loved.

    When I was growing up, my grandmother and great-grandmother lived in the sweetest house in the mountains of Northern California. You had to take a walk down a long road, around a corner, and passed the old mailboxes to get to the next house. Each house was separated by the woods. I played in the woods surrounding their house when I was little, gathering pine cones and twigs and talking to the deer. Some of my fondest and most treasured memories are in that house. In those woods. When my great-grandmother passed away, my grandmother couldn't handle living in that house without her, so she sold it. And it breaks my heart everyday that I never got to properly say goodbye. I wish I could have done something like this. So, I'm looking at these beautiful, sacred pieces and I'm thinking about my sweet, charming great-grandmother (one of my heroes) and the little house with the front porch. And those magical woods, and the families of deer that I fell in love with as a child. And all the wildflowers and pine needles that would somehow find their way into my messy hair, and the shiny rocks and berries that filled my pockets.

    Thank you for this, love. It filled my heart to the brim with wonderful memories. <3

  11. I absolutely love this Laura. I can't wait to read your updates and stories along the way. I think it's really beautiful that you're taking part in something so powerful.


  12. Very beautiful pieces of earth, Laura. I'm glad you have them to create with.
    Catherine Denton

  13. thank you for sharing your journey, is it meaningful.

    B x


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