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Ive been finding myself lately retreating back within myself.  My head feels full and my body feels sluggish.  Not because Im super busy, Im really not.  I think its more of the transitionings happening within myself, are making me process a bit slower than usual.  There have been so many days I almost got on here and poured my heart out, but something keeps me from doing so.  Ive been finding myself quieter than usual and a bit more spacey.  Spacey as in... just staring off and getting lost in thought easily.  Well, and doing things like putting the butter in the cupboard instead of the fridge, so really I guess just spacey!  It took me 4 days just to order vitamins... simply b/c I could not focus long enough to do so.  Things like that.  Im really getting kind of tired of it, but at the same time, trying to honor it as I feel it.  I thought this photo above from my recent lookbook was appropriate... I feel like Im hiding in the shadows right now.  In my own way, quieting down, not worrying about being driven, taking extra time out, honor the season of the north.  I think my foggyness is due to the little amount of time I allowed myself in the past.  Im here.  Learning to be more present within myself.  Struggling at times.  But that is okay.  Ill keep practicing.



  1. I just wrote the longest comment and my iPhone ate it! The jist of it was that I've been in a similar place lately and I think it has to do with adrenaline exhaustion and the body and mind healing after over use of energy. Kind of like starting from less-than-empty once you finally slow down and begin to recharge. I'm also always super foggy in the winter, but that's probably because I live in Chicago and we don't see the sun for months! ;)

  2. i go through stuff like this from time to time. usually when i'm not spending enough time focusing on myself. good luck finding what you need!

  3. It's interesting that you say this. I know that when I went through the transformation this last year from eating a diet that was not in my best interest to eating for my health and balance I went through I guess what you would call detox where I was really foggy, cranky, spacey, etc.

    It almost makes sense that whenever you are trying to bring more balance to your body in any way - whether through food, spirituality, and/or other life-changing situations big or small that there would be a period of detox even if only mentally. You appear to be doing a lot with your life in the way of moving forward and finding yourself more so it would only make sense that it is going to be a little rough getting there :/ I hope you feel better soon.

    Sorry if I sound like a crazy hippie. lol

  4. It seems to me that if you are finding yourself spacing out and thinking a lot that maybe you should just go with it. You wouldn't be thinking about something that isn't important right? Like, whatever is causing you to space is something weighing heavily on your mind. Maybe you could take the time to just sit and think--about anything and everything. And hopefully when you're done concentrating on yourself and your thoughts you will be ready to open up once again. : ]

  5. great post, I wish you all the best on your journey of finding self :)

  6. Sometimes the simplest things can have the biggest changes on us. The moon for instance affects people differently. ( http://www.technoharp.com/Wisecraft/moon.htm ) That one is a great little guide! It's just barely a new moon, which means the moon is barely visible that has a huge effect on our bodies, minds, and emotions.
    Our spirits and bodies connect with the Universe is such vast ways!

  7. Love this post and appreciate your honesty :) Now following your lovely words xx


  8. "There have been so many days I almost got on here and poured my heart out, but something keeps me from doing so." I've found slowly the value of {re}cycling my own energy back into my self, allowing it to decompose and refuel me for more. By allowing things to stay inside and die {un}spoken and {un}given, they give back in a different way.
    Blessings as you wait, as you {re}cycle.

  9. I think that's really good and really healthy to slow down, and have a season of just quietness. Maybe you are in need of learning something particular, and maybe you will see what that is in this time.
    I think as we all journey through life, as seekers, we have seasons...and we need to allow ourselves that. I like that you are embracing whatever it is.

  10. just came across your blog....love everything about it. one of the loveliest blogs i have come across in a long time :)


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