Light Leaks >>>

Another little session of light leaks.  These are kind of my favorite photos.  I could take pics like this all day long.

Today was a very hard day to face, but one that needed to be faced, and Im happy to say its done.  Im quite exhausted.  We stayed up way too late with friends last night (although it was fun and worth it).  We had some friends over to celebrate james bday a bit early since it falls on a thursday this year.  Good company, yummy food by candlelight in the backyard, then was followed by a hysterical attempt of me and two girlfriends trying to do bellydancing and brazilian workouts from videos.  We did more laughing than anything, but that was the fun part!  Today was a packed full day of moving things from my dad's house for my brother.  We got alot accomplished, but it was an emotionally taxing thing to do for all of us.  Im so happy to go to sleep in my bed tonite.  It's only 7:45 and I just may make my way in there very very soon.  Maybe just snuggle up with a book and a kitty until I drift off.



  1. So pretty! You always have some of the most amazing photographs on your blog. xo, rv


  2. I'm glad you had laughter before your difficult day. Hopefully you got some needed rest. Light leaking is a beautiful concept.

  3. I love that your blog is so...cohesive. Everything looks like it belongs together, right down to the photographs you include in your posts.

    And it sounds like you are doing a good job of balancing the not-so-fun with the fun which is the best way to get through the hard times after all--just think about the good : ]

  4. I cant imagine the emotional strain. My prayers are with you.

  5. cool photos!!

    you're talented

    xo katrina


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