Sing my heart a song...

The past few days have been interesting.  I spent days in what Im calling a zombie like state.  I couldnt really feel any emotions.  Couldnt cry, couldnt smile, couldnt really feel anything.  But then yesterday something changed.  Ive been feeling the urge to sing for the past few weeks.  I dont really know why.  I just have.  I havent been able to stop listening to The Civil Wars cd, and singing along to it.  Well, yesterday while I was home alone, I broke out my hubby's microphone and amp and sang.  And it actually brought a smile to my face and a spring in my step.  So I did it again today, for just a bit b/c I was busy.  But it really makes me happy.  I doubt I will ever sing for anyone, but for me, it is a beautiful release.  

These are the little feathers I have collected from my yard since my life changed almost a month ago now.  I cant believe time sometimes.  It is such a strange creature.  Im collecting these special feathers together and will do something with them after a while.  Not sure what yet, but something special for my home. 

Here is my favorite Civil Wars song to sing...

And, I am having a major $10 jewelry sale on my facebook only.  So if you want in on the fun, add me.  There is also a virtual yardsale going on there with some clothes Im letting go of... most are already gone but there is still some good stuff left!  The jewelry sale ends on Sunday evening.



  1. I find that singing my heart out almost always makes me feel better :) Love the feathers!

  2. You brought a smile to my face with your singing story, mic and all. This song is gorgeous! And the color of those feathers--vibrant. Wish I could find some like that in my yard. Can't wait to see what you do with them.
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  3. Glad to hear you have found a way to bring back that spring in your step. Glad you're feeling a little better. Also, The Civil Wars are amazing, and Falling is a wonderful song!

  4. I'm glad to read you're feeling better again.
    I didn't hear of The Civil Wars before... awsh! Love the song!

  5. i'm the same with dancing. if i can dance like crazy and get it all out, i feel so much better.
    stay strong, brave soul. <3


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