Inspired by a color...

It has truly been too long since I have done one of my Makes My Heart Sing posts...  They were originally intended for Mondays... but Ive never been any good with sticking to a schedule.  So I think Ill bring them to the blog just whenever I feel inspired to do so.  This weeks post is inspired by...
Mustard has always been one of my favorite colors.  All of my favorites fall into the earthy or jewel tone categories.  So when the idea of autumn starts to roll around in my mind, these colors start flooding in.  Im slowly trying to build a new fall wardrobe as I can, and I keep gravitating towards this color.  Here is a collection of others who have further inspired this obsession.

{this adorable peacoat and flats worn in Indie Jane's wardrobe remix}

{this incredible chair that Lisa from Goodknits gets to relax in *sigh*}

{this lovely photo from Starr's blog A Thought Is The Blossom, on her post frocks & socks}

{love this band poster created by Paul X Johnson, read a great interview with them here}

{Speaking of The Civil Wars, I adore this photo of Joy Williams taken by Tec Petaja}

{this whole photo/home by Angi Welsch is perfect.  Im loving her photos.}

{how can you  not love this guitar pickin man??? image found here}

{Im drooling over these velvet pants from Ruche.  And these burgandy ones from Threadsence.}

{i adore this outfit.  especially her makeup with her necklace, so sweet.  found here.}

{and this could not be more true for right now.  found here, thanks to the lovely Kelly Ann}

What colors inspire you?



  1. The last year or so I have been obsessed with mustard yellow. No idea why, but it seems like every item I reach for when I'm shopping is this color. Also love The Civil Wars! I've been listening to them a lot this week.

  2. Mustard Yellow has been my all time favorite color since 9th grade! I don't know why I remember the exact year.. but I do.

  3. wow, that last quote really speaks to me. I'm sure it speaks to a lot of people, and rightfully so.

  4. Love that last quote, and I definitely agree on the beauty of mustard yellow :)

  5. AWESOME collection of images.
    Right now I'm inspired by images of volcanoes and smoke. Check out my mood board I've been making over on pinterest if you're that way inclined :) http://pinterest.com/lolo_holmes/nuclear-winter/


  6. I have a mustard jacket from Forever 21 that I just adore. I'm very much into earth tones...both in my clothing and home decor. Earthy/woodsy colors are my fave.

  7. Ummm I LOVE the Civil Wars...AND I have adored Tec's photography...

  8. All of your earthy and sepia tones are lovely. You really are inspiring!!

    I have a new blog (1.5 months old), come have a look if you please. I make cute videos with Paper love hearts and collections of gorgeous photos and all pretty things.

    Love Jade from Apple Tree


  9. My favourite!!!! :D
    I've made some roses in mustard polymer clay!! They look so nice!
    Thanks for sharing this! ;)

  10. i love mustard yellow, it's so fall, which also happens to be my favorite time of year. i get giddy for all the colors, so warm & comforting.


  11. LOVE the civil wars, they are amazing! and i love your blog, so happy I stumbled upon it, added you to my blog roll :)

  12. I love mustard too! I think it all started when I got a vintage mustard chair freshman year of college.

  13. what an inspiring collection of images! :)


  14. I love mustard yellow as well. Hoping to get a mustard colored cardigan for the winter...

    By the way I just found your blog and love it.


Thank you so much for your sweet comments!