Simple and comfy is the best...

 Yesterday James surprised me with a text while he was at work saying we needed to get out of the house and he was taking me on a coffee date.  I immediately stopped what I was doing and took a shower and got ready.  He knew exactly what we needed.  We went to our favorite little coffee shop in Ingram, Spirit Wind, and I got the best raspberry vanilla latte Ive ever had.  She kicked the pants off Starbucks!  Then we went to the local music store there and I found a Tori Amos and a Fiona Apple cd for $4 each and James found a super cheap Sonic Youth cd.  It was a nice little getaway.

I wore my favorite Neil Young shirt, my great grandaddy's belt (his name was Art), some shorts I had just cut off, and my mom's sandals.  Pretty much my favorite new outfit.  Just felt so relaxed and so me.  And Im starting to realize in photos how long my hair is getting!  Its finally happening!

 Sometimes I think Ive fallen so in love with my camera phone that I forget I have a nice real camera.  This may not be good.

 I caught Bella sitting on a box in the middle of my madness pile on our kitchen table.  Yes, this table has become my work/catch all place as of late. 
 Today I have done diddly squat.  Luckily its sunday, so Ill use the same excuse most of world uses for this sunday.  But mostly its b/c I cant focus.  I cant make myself sit still to get anything accomplished.  My brain is so jumbled up right now.  I did have a lovely talk with a friend of mine this morning.  A visit that was  much needed for both of us.  I think we both did a bit of soul work through talking this morning.  Where the rest of the day went, I have no clue.  Now its time to muster up the energy to go make some dinner for our bellies.  So, Ill leave you with a Neil Young song.  Its a sad one, but Ive always loved it.




  1. Raspberry vanilla latte sounds so good! I love your belt! You and Bella are so gorgeous! x

  2. Glad you had a relaxing weekend :) lovely pictures.

  3. yum, that latte sounds so good! i use my iphone camera more than my real cameras, i'm such a fan of instagram. it's always so quick & convenient, but i feel guilty (lazy) always using it! oh well, pictures are pictures :)

  4. gotta love those sweet men of ours. :-) that sounds like my husband, too. i'm so glad you have james...here's to the next fifty years. <3<3<3

  5. The coffee date sounds like it was wonderful. And love Birds, and your shirt. Neil Young is one of my favorite musicians of all time. I was just telling my fiance this morning how I feel like his voice (Neil's) sounds like angel.


  6. Wow i also want to taste that coffee!
    We don't have starbucks in my city so i can't drink that either! :P
    Enjoy your time together! xx

  7. Vintage style shirts like that are my favorite! Cute shorts too!


  8. I am glad to hear you had a nice coffee date with James! He is so sweet!! Your latte sounded delicious! I have those days sometimes and I just crave something comforting. Thats awesome that you guys scored some good deals too!

    I also love using my camera phone! It's so easy, convenient, and the endless apps are awesome! I just recently and finally took out my "legitimate" camera again.

    Take care,



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