A blouse worth posting about...

 Today I had a special lunch planned with my family.  I really want to try to keep getting my family together more often then before.  After losing my dad so abruptly, it makes you realize that sometimes you never really know when goodbye is going to be.  So I rounded up my brother & his son, my nanna & her man, my aunt & her boys, and we went to eat some mexican food.  *food coma*...  soooo good.  I got the plate my mom used to always get, spinach enchiladas, yum!  And I wore the prettiest sheer hummingbird kimono blouse ever.  It made me feel so girly and feminine.  I paired it with a mustard tank, mustard high waisted shorts, a belt & some thrifted mocs.  I wish I had gotten some full body shots to show you just how cool this top really is.  The sleeves are amazing!  But I had to do some super quick shots before we left the house... (next time)
 One of my favorite parts of building an outfit is accessorizing...
cross-stitch leather belt - forever 21
mustard tank - forever 21
 high waisted shorts - forever 21
moccasins - thrifted
wooden hair clip - *unfinished Roots and Feathers piece*
nail polish - shimmery earth tone + sparkles

{i might have a slight obsession with Forever 21}
 see those pretty flowers in the background??? James surprised me with them yesterday!  More photos coming later, they are lovely!

 The gorgeous necklace from Dawn Will Break was a recent trade, and I must say, I am smitten.  I think this will become a staple through fall... she has adorable packaging to go along with it!

 I actually have a bunch of stuff that was suppose to go before this post, but my shirt was so pretty, I had to share now!  For the rest of the evening I am going to actually make myself have a 'weekend' day, and just sort of chill.  {i think}  maybe ill go craft, just for fun!  Im not sure.  Something other than work, my body needs a break.  I think everything (work, my emotions, stress) is all starting to build up in my shoulders in a big way this week.  Luckily I have a dear friend who offered to give me a massage this week, which I am sooooooo looking forward to.  Its been so long since Ive had one.  Ahhhhh.....



  1. so fun to have an excuse to get dressed up. i love all the accessories, the necklace is so cute!


  2. Oh my goodness, thank you so much for featuring me on this, your blog is great and that top is adorable!!

  3. that whole outfit is just fantastic!

  4. Everything about this outfit is lovely :)
    Toni xo

  5. I love the blouse so beautiful!you always look so cute I l0ve to see what you wear.

  6. I think it's important to get that family time in. Family should always stay near and dear to your heart, and what other way to remain close to one another than with food and conversation?

    I love the colors of your outfit. They clash together just right! :)

  7. I wish that I lived close enough to my family to be able to get them all together...I miss doing that so much! I love the outfit too...so beautifully simple and chic!

  8. I wish that I lived close enough to my family to be able to get them all together...I miss doing that so much! I love the outfit too...so beautifully simple and chic!

  9. you don't realize how important family can be sometimes...i know i take it for granted since we've always been so close, but I can only imagine being away from them, and I know I would miss them dearly. you look amazing by the way!

  10. Hi there! You look lovely! I love the top, shoes and accessories! It looks great! That is wonderful that you got your family all together and went out to eat. I always find sharing stories and talking about my loved ones that have past to be hard, it got easier in time. I would retell the story to people and I would usually have a hard lump in my throat, but sometimes I can share it bravely. Iits great to be around your family. Its comforting at the same time because I feel supported, I know we are all going through it together, and I know we all have a part of them with us that keeps living on.

    Take care!


  11. beautiful outfit -you really make it look lovely!

  12. you have a very pretty blog! i like your outfit. sounds like you had a nice time with your family. :)



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