Fringe Tee Shirt DIY...

 Im sure most of you have noticed that the trend of fringed shirts has been huge lately.  I love that they have transitioned from not just vintage motorcycle and rocker tees, to any every day tee.  A few weeks ago I made one with a Skyline Fever shirt, an orange owl one... and thought Id do another for a DIY b/c it is just so easy.  I was asked by a girl at the pet store how to do it b/c she said she tried and failed miserably.  So Im here to show you today just how simple it really is.  Im sure there are already a bunch of tutorials out there on this, but here is my way. 

All you need is your shirt and a pair of sharp scissors.  *you may want to practice on an old shirt first if you are afraid of messing up a good shirt*  Lay it out nice and flat on a hard surface.

The first thing I did was cut the edge off of the bottom and both sleeves.  This gives it the nice thin rolled look instead of the thick edges.  Then just cut the neck in a half circle.  The wider the circle, the more off the shoulder the shirt will be.  You can always cut more, so I suggest to not cut all the way to the shoulders at first, just to see how you want it to fit.

Then decide how far up you want your fringe to be.  You can make long fringe or cute short fringe.  I went about half way up with mine.  I placed a ruler (you can use anything straight and long) just as a place marker to keep me going in a straight line.  Then holding both sides of the shirt together, begin to cut strips in a straight line all the way up to your marker.  They really dont have to be perfect or the exact same thickness b/c once you wash and dry the shirt, the fringe will naturally roll up a bit and you wont even notice.
 *if you want, you can do the same thing to the sleeves*
 and there is your shirt!

I hate wasting things, so I thought Id also show you an easy, quick & versatile way to use up the scraps that are left over from the edges you cut off.  I used the bottom (cut in two strips) and a piece of lace to make a braided headband.  *you could also make bracelets with the sleeve parts*

Just cut your fabrics all the same length.  I always pin my strips to a pillow for braiding to hold it in place.  (dont mind the kitty hair on my pillow)
 For the closure I used two brass clamp style findings that I had laying around in my jewelry room.  But if you dont have anything like that to use, you can always just hand stitch the ends up, and also hand stitch some yarn or other trim for the ties.  Get creative, there are probably a ton of different things laying around your house you could use instead.

 Once you have completed this easy and fun tutorial, have fun snapping some photos and send them my way!  Id love to see!

 And for those of you who dont want to hassle with doing this yourself, but would love a Skyline Fever shirt decked out in fringe, you can now add this too any shirt or dress by adding this option to your cart at checkout.



  1. I am seriously going straight to my closet, pulling out a t-shirt that I don't wear, and am doing this! I'm so excited for the outcome, and the ways you chose to wear them are so cute!

    Gosh, your blog may be my absolute favorite.

  2. I love this tutorial, in particular the not wasting anything part :D

  3. Love this tutorial...and once I do this...I'll send some pics your way for sure!! Hearts, Janna Lynn

  4. I love it!!!! I do this to my tee shirts all the time!!! Sometimes, I cut the sides all the way up to the arms and tie the pieces into knots. It makes for a really cute fitted shirt. I will send you a pic of my latest fringe tee that I did with our Band(The Sidewinder Band) I wore it recently to perform in. Hope to chat with you soon.

  5. this is really cool:), thanks a lot... i remember wearing a lot of fringe tshirt/dress in the summer when i was a child..:)
    cant wait to make one:)
    have a lovely day!!

  6. Really love this. You make it look so easy - and so cute!!

  7. Too fun! I can't wait to show my girls. You make it seem effortless.
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  8. This looks amazing! I have been wanting to do this on a few of my tops, but I haven't found the will or the way:) Thanks so much for showing us! I will most def. make one of these:) I can't wait. It will be a labor day project. I just hope I don't get too addicted to doing it and only have fringe clothes:) But I love fringe:)

    Take care!!

  9. I am totally LOVING this! Thanks for the tute!



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