Vintage Car Photoshoot

So, my dad is working on fixing up this old fallen down house (my daddy is a carpenter :), which is going to be super cool, and this rusty old car is sitting on its property. He told me about it the first day b/c he knew I would go wild over it and want to take photos...

This photo shoot was suppose to be for this super amazing dream vest I made last week. Ive had this baby in my heart and head forever now and it finally came to fruitation. Have you ever found that some of the best stuff takes forever to finally just click and happen? I do.

But... the photos turned out so flippin amazing b/c of this car, and the awesome help of my hubby, that this is more about the photos then the vest...

I paired it with my PPP oxy shirt, skinny jeans, vintage leather moccasin boots and a butterfly in my hair. I think I am keeping this vest, Im undecided. It was meant to be for a new store... eeeek! But I may take custom orders... Although each one will be perfectly unique depending on what I have available to work with.

Enough blabbering, onto the photos!!!


Soon its about time to stalk PPP, for she is posting new goodies tonite at 8:30!!!! Dont miss it!



  1. ok... seriously. I have a girl crush on you. can you be any more pretty .? these pics are AMAZING. you should frame em.. I love love love your little vest idea.... looks so cute teamed up with our oxy! way to go !
    I love love it!

  2. haha I just cracked up at Shauna's comment but I believe I will have to fight you for the girl crush spot. You BETTER keep that vest! Such a gorgeous ensemble and I love when you throw in a Wes Anderson inspired photo. :) I also wish I knew how to make my hair that pretty.

  3. In love with these photos...you are so pretty! I am inspired, I am going to try my hand at a shoot this weekend with some PPP!!!!

  4. sooooo pretty!!!!!! i love the highlights in your hair too! so pretty!!! <3

  5. Amazing Photoshoot! You are so good at combining different clothes items! Wonderful!

  6. Hi!!! :) Love this outfit. Where did you get it from? Thanks so much. xo

  7. I love it! What is your secret on photo manipulation? I really love the atmosphere all of them have :)

  8. shauna, ive been girl crushing on your for a while, so its mutual :)

    katie, your just jealous! but i love you. ill keep it! just so you can borrow it right???

    nikki, yes, go take fun pics!!!!

    christie, thank you, but they are not highlights. i havent colored my hair in months and months, and ive never done highlights :)

    polina, thank you so much!

    anonymous, if you read the blog, it tells you :)

    meg, thanks! i dont have any secrets, just playing around with colors tones and actions until i get what i like. years of self learning, thats all.

  9. beautiful shots! you look so amazing!


  10. Lovely as usual. I don't blame you...keep the vest.

  11. What a wonderful photoshoot. I love the 'pineapple' pattern. Looks so good as a vest!

  12. Lovely photos! Your blog is amazing. :-) I'd like to give you this blog award:


  13. so nostalgic...
    what a folkart dream shoot....
    once again amazing stuff!

  14. so awesome! the dreamy quality of the photo's is wonderful...you're such a hippie, and i mean that in the best possible way. :)

  15. oh wow your outfit is remarkable! and I fell in love with the zoomed photo of you, showing your back <3

  16. Wow those are amazing! I especially like the one through the back window, very creative!


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