Family Photoshoot

I just had to share a little peak of the photoshoot I did yesterday for a friend of mine. She has two beautiful daughters, one is picture perfect and ready to smile and the other, as you can see below, is just a little bit to handle :) But we did manage to get a few beautiful smiles! I thought this photo was just too funny though, had to share.



  1. oh wow! hahahaha that photo is adorable! <3

  2. I've been following your blog forever and haven't had the guts to comment, but your photos are adorable!! I couldn't bear not telling you!
    I love your editing. Is there anything special you do to get that color effect?

  3. haha, I love that first picture!

  4. faith, comment all you want! done ever be shy, its one big happy family here :) i use lots of different techniques, some pre made actions and general color tweaking. its self taught with hours of messing around...


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