My Louisiana Girls

Here are a few pics from when Katelyn came through Texas last week!

It was so nice to see her, even for a short bit. And I know I have said it before, but I am 100% in love with Leena.

Katie is so stinkin cute!

Snuggling with Leena

We had a sushi picnic at the river!

Leena was super excited about the picnic when I told her there were ducks at the river! So she spent most of her time looking at the ducks.

duck watching.

Leena fed her puppy fig newtons :)

James showed Leena the ducks

Leena is the only little kid I have ever seen James just hang out with, its so cute.

This afternoon we had a wonderful time at a local venue saying goodbye to a good friend. The whole town had a party for her, it was really quite moving and sweet.

Then we came home and watched 4 Rooms with Jen, while our friend Jonny taught my dad how to dance at a local bar. Quite an eventful day!

Which means I had a reason to dress up, so the cutest outfit post ever comes tomorrow!



  1. your pictures always look so whimsical I love it! <3

  2. Love these photos. :) Will have to steal when I get home. :) Hope to see you tomorrow!!! <3

  3. Her outfit is amazing! How adorable. And can't believe that girl will eat sushi... so awesome. :)

  4. Katelyn and Leena are just full of cuteness, hehe. I LOVE Leena's little tutu. I have not so secretly always wanted a tutu, haha.

    That picture of the sushi is epic.

    You looked so adorable today!

  5. Looks like a fun day! Omg sushi sounds so delicious right about now! :)

    Little Sugar Monster

  6. her tutu with cowboy boots is just great!

  7. So precious. Sweet friends are the best.
    That little girl is beautiful too!

  8. Seeing james with leena is soo heart warming, its so cute! and leena is the cutest baby girl in the world! look at her outfit and her hair and her puppy maah <3


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