New Skyline Fever

New Skyline Fever shirts added to my hubby's shop! Some are one of a kind, so grab them fast! More coming tonite!

Introducing 2 new designs:
little birds on a branch with berries
fall leaf and acorn medley

*beanie is from Miss Indie on etsy*

Super busy day ahead of me. Time to ship orders, clean house, make a grocery list, workout, take a shower all before James gets home. Then off to the big city to grocery shop as fast as possible. Then back home to work work work!



  1. Hi love!!
    Can I just tell you how obsessed I am with Skyline Fever?? I want so many shirts! Are you all going to be making them in like XL or can I custom order one in a bigger size? love love love. You never cease to amaze me with all of your talent!

  2. stop! owls and birds are my weakness... I wish I had some money!!! Love them all xox

  3. janel, thank you!!! im so excited you love them! i will actually be taking orders soon, so let me know what style you like in what size and ill see if it is still available to get!!! any baseball shirts that are a large, are really an xlarge b/c they are unisex. just read descriptions carefully. did you ever get my message about the calendar? just curious...

    Polly, awww they will be here forever!!!!

  4. Okay... you need to stop making cute things that I have to have:) I have soooo many things on my christmas list from your shop and James'.
    I posted a pic of me in my new skyline fever tank on my blog!!


  5. Oh my goodness! That top shirt & the bag are my faves :) So pretty!


Thank you so much for your sweet comments!