A Day for a New Dress

Today I got to wear one of my custom PPP dresses. I sent all the fabrics in to Shauna for her to work her magic. I adore this dress to pieces.

I wore it with one of my upcycled crop sweaters, jeans and my favorite embroidered shoes.

PhotobucketPhotobucketToday we grocery shopped at Whole Foods, I pet sat some birds & kitties, I danced in my socks on my linoleum kitchen floor while making dinner, I drank a Dunkl, and made tons of orders to ship out tomorrow.

The sale is still going on in the shop, 20% off everything! Also in James shop, and we just added some new shirts today. And starting tonite thru tomorrow only, all of my prints in my photography shop will be 1/2 off!!!



  1. Maybe I should dance more often on my linoleium ! You rock... and I love this dress on you...... gahhhh. I need to do a whole blog on all your PPP's.....

  2. hi, i'm a new follower!
    this is so cute!

  3. shauna, it would take up your whole blog! i love you!!! and yes, go dance in your kitchen!

    elisabeth, hi!!!! thank you!

  4. love your outfit here, and your hair too :) pretty!

  5. What a beautiful and inspirational blog! I love your dress. And your shoes. And I love dancing in the kitchen :)

  6. Where did you get your shoes? I love them!

  7. ha ha, so cute everyone loves my shoes. they are almost going to fall apart from me wearing them so much. i got them a few years ago at a department store, prob the only pair of shoes ive bought in a department store. the brand is blowfish, and i cant find them anymore or i would get another pair! let me know if you find them!!!

  8. i would kill for the dress you are wearing in this pic !! love it


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