Laundry Date (who wants to read about that?)

So maybe Im a bit obsessed with PPP. I think I talk about her shop more than my own! Im completely in love with everything I own. Pretty much what I wear daily.

Poor Pitiful Pearl + Violet Bella = Match Made In Heaven

We had fun with James phone camera while at the laundry mat today. We washed TONS of new shirts for his Skyline Fever shop! Updates coming soon.

What did you do today?

When James and I do laundry (we always do it together at the laundry mat) we take drives around the town in between loads. It makes the time go by faster, we get to listen to music and spend time together, and its just one of our favorite things to do.

Anything you do randomly in your ordinary daily routine to make it a bit extra-ordinary?



  1. I actually kinda miss going to the laundromat, I always saw the most interesting....or crazy....people there.

    And that shirt is so cute! And so are your jeans, and your hat, and really just everything about these photos. Cute, cute, cute.

  2. wendy... the laundromat is a crazy place. especially in a small town, almost creepy at times, ha ha. i cant wait to one day own a washer and dryer though! and thank you :)

  3. Over in England, where I'm from, we call it a Launderette :) I think yours and Poor Pitiful Pearl's stuff is amazing! like I sometimes want to move over to America because life seems so much easier over there artistically :)

    I dont think I do anything regularly that makes it extraordinary... but I love to read a nice Violet Bella blog and knit in front of the TV after a long day doing textiles! :)

  4. i love how you managed to look beautifully adorable with your face on the floor of a laundry mat! You guys are too cute.

  5. oh this too cute, and what a very simple yet well put together outfit <3

  6. How cute.. i cant believe i missed this post. your so sweet to love my shop.. i love that you are happy with your new PPP. you deserve it.. and you look perfect in everything you pick out. i cant wait to hand over your new gear.... gahhh


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