Snack Date with Violet

Last night I was waiting for some of my girlfriends to show up... so I decided to have a little mommy/daughter time with Violet. I laid out the mat under the maple tree and tied her leash to the tree.

I had cous cous with cherry tomatoes and water and she got two heart shaped biscuits. I dont usually give her two at a time, but it felt special, so I did. She even got her own little plate :)

I really enjoy moments like these. And this morning, I also came to the conclusion that I thoroughly enjoy making my bed everyday. How about you?



  1. I love when I make the bed up all nice and pretty. It's time for an update with lots of fun pillows and blankets. Your bed inspires me. :) Violet is adorable and so are you. I am so glad you have a nice mommy/daughter date!

  2. I LOVE making the beds! I once read that if you make the bed, then 80% of the bedroom is cleaned up which makes the other 20% not look so messy... and I believe that theory to be true!

  3. Violet is such a sweet looking dog. David and I talk about getting a dog, but right now I schedules are too chaotic.
    I start my day by making the bed, it just feels good.

  4. That looks like one good party for her :) So cute

  5. Violet looks super cute and adorable!


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