Craft Room Updates

Yesterday I spent some re-organizing my craft room a bit. This room is basically a glorified storage room for all of my fabrics and such... I dont ever actually create in it. It is way too cluttered. I create throughout the rest of my house, which is small, but I make it work.

I began hanging up all new vintage clothes that are coming to the shop soon! They look so pretty together. Im so excited to introduce this to the shop. I think for a while I am just going to add them to my current shop, and just have a separate section for Vintage Clothing. I just dont have the time right now to create a whole new shop and spend lots of time promoting it. So for the time being, thats the game plan.

I collect these vintage wooden bowls for my craft stuff, mostly buttons. I have two large ones, and several small single bowls. I love them so much, and always find them at thrift stores. I cant wait to have a BIG studio one day and lay them all out!
I cleared off the big desk in the room for James's Yudu. He is getting all of his inks and stuff in and were getting close to starting on his shirts! I am so proud of him. He has lots of ideas for shirts, and its going to be so fun to create them together. Im designing some girly things for his line too!
I love my box organizers from Target. I wish I had like 20 more of them!
My ever growing collection of vintage sheets, doilies and embroideries.
I keep alot of my vintage sheets in an old kitchen china hutch.
More boxes! They are everywhere, seriously. All over the floor, stacked up the walls!
My moms pin cushion. My boyfriend in high school was named West, and he put his name in her pin cushion like that... and she would never let me take it out. so even now, I still cannot remove it, even though its kind of odd to have an ex's name lingering around like that.
A while back I put up the table covers I made for my wedding as curtains in my bedroom. I love them...


  1. I love your curtains... I always read your blogs and they inspire me everyday to try and be happier with my life and be true to myself. Iam looking forward to seeing your vintage shop soon :D.

  2. so very cute! I love the colorful buttons in the wood bowl. I wish I had a more organized and in one room creative space. I have one sewing machine in my closet, another out in my barn with all of my fabric and supplies, beading stuff is in the basement and my yarn for knitting and crochet is everywhere. This is what I get for living with my parents still. Someday, when I have my own house, I WILL have an art studio and it WILL be beautiful!

  3. nikki, thank you!

    katherine, that is so sweet, thank you. being true to yourself is one of the most important things, and i am honored to know i help in some little way.

    bella, you will one day! i have my own house and its still hard. my craft room is just a storage room b/c i have way too much stuff. my dining room is my office, behind my couch is a desk for my jewelry, and my sewing machine is in a corner by my front door. it works! but hopefully i dream one day of having a real studio too!

  4. Always fun to see the behind the scenes view of where the magic happens!

    Love those curtains!


Thank you so much for your sweet comments!