The Story of Us - Part 3


Everything about our wedding was special to me. I dont have pictures of it all right now, but everything had special meaning to me.

The major things that were special to me were:
*my best friend made my cake
*her mother made my dress
*i handmade all the table cloths
*my nanna handmade all the cloth napkins
*i made a china photo collage of our families portraits
*my dad made the awesome frame our photo was in
*a good friend of mine was our preacher
*our food was made by a friend of ours
*all of my special people were there
*a friend was our photographer
*it was at my parents home outside
*everything was done with love by the hands of friends and family
*we wrote our own vows
*all of the music we chose we very meaningful to us

among so many other things.

This pearl necklace was given to me right before the wedding by a special family member. So I ditched the necklace I had bought and wore the pearls!
James in the sunroom before anything. This is where we cut the cake and had the sign sheet. you can see all the little stacks of china plates we used for the cake! and on the left on the wall is the china display i mentioned before. i transferred photos of our parents and our grandparents wedding photos on to them, and put our photo in between them.
The boys. Left is Joey, james best friend, and right is Mark, his brother. They wore ties from Toybreaker on etsy.
The girls. Believe it or not, they are all wearing between $10 to $20 dresses! And are all wearing broken china necklaces. And my dress was only $60 (material)... only b/c I was blessed to have my besties mom not let me pay her to make it, it was my wedding gift.
my flower girls. so precious.
isabel, i couldnt resist posting these of just her, she was so precious in her outfit and her long hair. Her baby face. she is so big now.

the right side of the attendees. we had so many loving people there.
james and joey held hands walking down the isle, and made everyone crack up.
james sweet smile while waiting.
i just love this photo. james looks so sweet. We played Saves The Day "She" as the song I walked down the isle to. it was perfect.
My daddy surprised me by walking down the isle with Noogs, can you spot him in his arms? It was perfect.
We nervously smiled and held hands. I was only nervous about being in front of so many people, not the getting married part.
the rings... my bracelet had a locket, a charm and a ring that belonged to Jame's mom, my grandmother and my great grandmother.
and giddy
my mommy hug right afterwards. i cherish this photo so much. i did not get very many pics of my mom at all from that day. and i was in such a whirlwind, i hardly remember seeing her. but i know it was one of the best days of her life, even though she was in pain.
our quick portraits before the party, this is my favorite one. (i edited all my photos)

the wedding party, i love the look of this photo.
and i love this photo too
cutting the awesome cake shelley made

i made a childrens tent with paper and crayons, and im so glad i did!
my dad secretly set off fireworks!!!
we strung up xmas lights everywhere, it was so magical.
the view from up on the hill. everyone danced out in the gravel to our crazy varied mix of music!
The perfect wedding. I loved it. And I am so thankful for everything everyone did for us, we could not have done it without so many loving friends and family.



  1. So, so gorgeous! I've loved reading your love story! So precious! xo

  2. You have given us a beautiful insight into Laura & James...for that I thank you! I can only hope that my two daughter's find a LOVE like yours.....

  3. AWW The end to a perfect love story! Thanks for sharing. Happy Anniversary ♥

  4. it sounds like a perfect wedding day :) i love every single thing and i wish my wedding was so cute like yours!
    thanks for sharing your beautiful love story! its really so precious!

  5. PS I love your wedding dress. it's really beautiful :)

  6. Oh Laura! I love everything about your wedding! I love that you did it at your parents house, and how you decorated the outside, it looked magical. The stones and the lights, oh so pretty. And I loved your dress! And your hair :) And Shelley did such a beautiful job on your cake! I could gush on, it just looked so special with all the special little things. <3<3

  7. gorgeous!! everything looks so lovely :]

  8. SO COOL! i love the whole nontraditional aspect of it, from the homemade things to the unconventional dresses on you and the bridesmaids and groomsmen wear. and it was outdoors! and it was not a zillion million dollars of pointless decor and fluff! and it was ADORABLE! Congratulations. You are majorly inspiring.

  9. Breathtaking! Seriously...weddings make me cry always!! And reading about yours made me tear up. I am a sap! Ha...
    Laura, you looked lovely and I love all the thought that went into every little detail. So special!

  10. Your wedding was so beautiful & unique! I love non traditional wedding ceremonies, so wonderful!

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  12. Your wedding looked lovely and your wedding dress and the entire effect of the wedding is really lovely.

  13. What an incredible display of the love that you not only share with your husband, but your families and friends... weddings are not just about two people, but about everyone that brought those two together! I couldn't help but cry seeing how much your mom and dad were a part of your day~ such special memories are timeless and last forever, even long after those who helped create them have gone. Absolutely beautiful!!

  14. This looks like such a perfect and original wedding. I love it that everything was done by you and the people you love. beautiful, that's the way I want it too! :)

  15. i'm totally crying!! love all these!!


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