Some happy things to pass the time...

I really should be cleaning my house, eeek. But I just finished up packaging orders and I thought Id take a happy post break in between waiting for Noog's diagnosis and cleaning. Sounds good to me!

First, I have to share this adorable beanie, handmade by Shauna's (PPP) husband's grandmother!!! Is it not wonderful. And being handmade by someone's grandmother makes it oh so much more special. She is making little batches at a time, so check in at Shauna's blog to see when and what colors are available. My hubby is so in love with mine that we are getting one made for him too! cuteness!

Also, speaking of Shauna's blog, there are 3 days left to enter her giveaway of O Bella Naturals soaps! The ONLY soap I use, for life! Its that amazing, so go enter! But be warned, you will be hooked!

And I am super excited that both of these adorable teddy shirts sold in one day, a testament of their cuteness! Dont worry, many more will be made, its like all I can think about, Im teddy bear crazy!!!

And again, my uber beautiful friend Bird modeling them!

Now I think I will slowly start cleaning my house. And try to kick this two day headache, boy do I hate the ones that just linger and linger...

Tonite is the Grand Opening of a store that is carrying both Shelley's journals and my jewelry and other goods, so that should be exciting! Its 1 1/2 hours away, so we are considering this a date!

In the meantime, keep sending little love vibes to Noogs... little ones are good, he is only 2.5 pounds!



  1. That's a really cute beanie. I love it! :)

    Little Sugar Monster

  2. LOVIN that beanie. I want to make one like that, with extra chunk yarn and bright colors!

  3. GAH love the beanie. Love the teddies! Have a good weekend

  4. I love the beanie, I really wish I was more of hat person but I think they just look silly on me. Those shirts are so cute! I want one.


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