Where I got What I Wore :)

Here is a post for everyone who had questions about where I got what I am wearing in the PPP pj pant post:

Crochet hat (has a hummingbird on the side)
Daliasoleil on etsy

Girl and Fishy tshirt

Coffee in the AM pants

and the shades are $5 at walmart :)

This amazing beanie that I am absolutely in love with came from the one and only Miss Indie!
It is seriously the best beanie Ive ever owned, love it!
Have fun shopping!

Just a quick note for my readers, I am about to post a BOGO sale on all earrings in the shop, so get your picks early!



  1. you look great as always! miss indie does make some awesome beanies! have a great weekend!

  2. Loooveee this outfit! I have been needing a cute hat, will probably end up getting one this fall! And of course, your coffee in the AM pants are awesome!!

  3. Did you make this mixpod mix just for me? It's all of my most favorite songs. Have I ever told you I LOVE Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young? Helplessly Hoping is one of my most favorite songs :)


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