BOGO sale on all earrings in the shop!

Buy one get one half off any style, Sept. 4th, 5th & 6th!

Just purchase as many as youde like, and I will refund you 1/2 of every second pair you get!

Have a wonderful Labor Day weekend!



  1. Wow! that's really awesome...i am definitely interested. i have questions about the details...i will contact katelyn. what an awesome idea!
    oh and laura, it's pretty awesome to see where you are now versus when i first met you. you're a style guru even! love all of it and glad to be here to see it happen. much love to you and the mister, missus.

  2. renea, thank you love! i owe alot of the encouragement to you when i was teater tottering on whether or not i could make it for real! you lifted me up when i needed it most!

    you should totally send something to katelyn, i think the amazing photoshoot is well worth it! and fun for both parties :)

    and i am loving watching your progression as well. the things you are making are absolutely amazing.


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