The Story of Us - Part 4

from these pictures it would seem like we have had nothing but smiles and roses, that is NOT the case, we have had MAJOR ups and downs, as ANY relationship has, I just dont care to share those moments. We are a very REAL couple, WITH flaws, I guarantee you!

Since the wedding we have...

taken family portraits (thanks Katelyn)

Worn unibombers on our honeymoon
(james dad's glasses from the 70's)

Had even more fun with old glasses!

and yes, even Sugar, his parents dog, partook in this one!
aquired LOTS of new babies! Hazel, the fawn, being just one of them.
we have had very reclusive romantic anniversaries
we have been tattooed together
we have taken alot of naps :)
we have had 3 excellent christmases, and handmade our stockings
we have left each other many sweet notes
we have had many tent parties!!! Violet loves them!
Many snuggles laying on the floor
I have won like 20 games of scrabble!!! Grand Master! (okay, so james won his first one a while back, now he thinks hes king!) ... and apparently this is my 'oh yeah i just beat AGAIN' face :)
we have eaten at fun restaurants. and james has seen a few (just a few) drunken episodes of me.
we have taken trips to Lost Maples and other fun places
we have had many picnics
we have taken lots of photos together
and james has put up with me taking lots
and lots
and lots of the these photos.
So, that is the story of us. With many other adventures in between...

I wish everyone in the world to find a bit of what we have. I love this boy, and he loves me. Even though at times we thought we didnt, love has always pulled us through.



  1. so cute! So guys are such a good looking couple.
    Random, but I particularly love your hair-do in the first shot. You look gorgeous!

  2. I love everything about this post...It's just so real, alive, beautiful....Congrats on your marriage and your love for one another:)


  3. love that you shared your story with us. so personal and open!! and i love that you drink german beer. you do that in that picture, don't you :)?!

  4. So cute :O) I especially like that you guys make a tent in your home, that looks fun!

  5. Love the story! So sweet! Thank you for sharing. I love all the photos. Oh and the photo of you and your mom after the wedding, is so beautiful! What I great picture to remember her.
    You make me realize I don't take enough photos of David and I together, and me with my family. You have inspired me yet again!

  6. You guys look so cute and happy together!
    Congrats on your marriage!
    I love the pictures of the doggies, there so cute


  7. You guys are beautiful! Liked reading the story.

  8. soulsigh....


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