This workshop launches on the New Moon in March 11th, since Spring is the season of growth and expansion and love, of course !

My workshop is unique that it draws not only the wisdom of the Love Goddess, but also the wisdom of the Moon; the symbol of Goddess and feminine essence. The workshop is 4 weeks long, following the Lunar rhythms from New Moon, Waxing, Full Moon, and Waning.

For four weeks you will receive:

~3-4 emails in your inbox per week focusing on each of the Lunar phases and how to work with the Goddess through each phase
~Goddess lore
~Lunar wisdom
~meeting your Inner Love Goddess
~rituals to manifest love
~journaling prompts
~love recipes
~a complete e-book at the end to use whenever you want
~Private FB group for a loving community of support

We have all heard of Aphrodite. She is the famous love Goddess from the Greek pantheon known for her passionate love affairs, beauty, and attraction. Her Roman counterpart is Venus. And please note, I will use both her names interchangeably throughout this course, but feel free to stick with one that resonates with you more. In all honesty, for a long time, I did not like her. Something about her ‘rubbed’ me the wrong way and I could not figure it out! When I finally found the source of my agitation I gained a new perspective of Venus and myself:
I was annoyed with the fact that she embodies her sensuality and sexuality with no shame or guilt; she accepts her body and whole being apologizing to no one.
I saw everything I wanted that I thought I couldn't obtain in myself.  It made me wonder where my love –goddess within me dwells and where she is hiding out. And so my relationship with Aphrodite began. Like any relationship, it has its ups and downs, but I am now experiencing healing in ways I may not have found otherwise. I can now say I love Aphrodite unconditionally, and in turn, love myself more too.

In this course, I share with you the rituals, exercises, and meditations I personally use to connect with Venus and my inner-love Goddess.
My name is Marissa and I blog over at Moondaughter. The heart of my wisdom comes from my love for the Moon and my experience working with Her energies. The Moon is linked closely to our hormones, energy levels, emotions, and our spirit. It affects all the water of the world, so how could She not affect us? The Moon also symbolizes feminine essence and Goddess energy of the universe. Following the Moon I have found working with Goddess energy helps connect me more to my inner sage woman. I wish to help  women reconnect with theirs as well.  
I am offering 20% off to Laura's readers if you feel called to join me in this workshop in March. use the code: Roots20 at check out!


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Also today, I will be sharing a little love alter I made over at Moondaughter's blog!  So check back on her blog to see some pretty pictures of my space.



  1. I hope I'm understanding correctly and am leaving the comment in the right place...if not...sorry. Following instructions is not what I love about myself...haha...

    I love my ability to find good in every single person.

    Thanks for this opportunity!

  2. i love that i am an independent thinker. my opinions and convictions are not easily affected by what others believe.

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  3. Lovely! I follow Marissa already :)

    I love my ability to love -the world, the people around me, animals, plants, the sky, the moon, the dirt in my toes, and the infinite Universe. I love that I have found love for what surrounds me. (Love for myself is an entirely different animal)

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  6. I love that I believe that mistakes are just learning opportunities. There really are no mistakes in life.

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  11. The thing I love most about myself is being open to new adventures and endeavors. I love trying new things and learning about how others live and love. There is so much wonder and beauty out there, and I want to learn about it all!

  12. One thing I love about myself is my laughter. I always find it is infectuous and just such a joyful thing. I love laughing, and I love seeing others laugh with joy, too! :)

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  15. I love my recently discovered courage and passion for Peace.
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    Thanks Marissa for the beautiful giveaway ^o^

  19. I love that I feel so eager to actively follow my spiritual path... Ps. Thanks for such a great blog!

  20. Excited about entering one of my first blog giveaways! I love my drive to learn and grow, and my passion for nature.

    Thank you!


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