Lately, my studio have been a wreck!  Fitting all of my work into one bedroom is a challenge.  And I begin to feel claustrophobic in my creative space when it gets this way.  So, I decided to take back over the second spare room in our house.  At least a corner of it.  I moved all of my fabrics and supplies for making my dreamcatchers and gypsy flags in there.  So now I have a textile space and a jewelry space.  It feels so good.  Bella helped me rearrange, of course...
This is our new view.  Since I work on the floor.  Bella likes to get up in the window seal while I work.  I can now open the window and hear the birds or the wind in the trees.  Its perfect.  And in the evenings, the sun sets on this side, so I get to see the light spilling through the cracks in the trees and leaves.  Its magic.

I also added a tiny sacred space in the room.  The word art was a gift from a dear friend, and its from Messy Canvas.  The words she chose for me were absolutely perfect.  I feel so blessed to have such friends in my life.


  1. Such a great space! Your art and creativity is truly inspiring. If you have some time, I'd love for you to take a peek at my art. http://society6.com/SallySteele

    Have a lovely day!

  2. My space is sorted out one day and messed up the next, it can get crazy

  3. You so remind me of my mother. Always moving stuff around and making new spaces. I just love it!! and Bella steals my heart in the picture of her looking out the window.

  4. Man...School and family issues have been making it hard for me to comment as much as I used to. Miss doing that. I've been trying little by little to get various leftover creative artistic/decorative home projects done, and I've been crazy inside an out the past few weeks. This post makes me very much miss when I had 24 hours a day to work on such things.

    But I've been reading you nearly ever day, loving your outfits and smiling at those pretty outdoorsy posts you've been leaving. Your backyard is a dream, and it looks like you've got an amazing new space set up! Glad for you, Laura.

    It's good for me to read stuff like this...While I'm here in Kentucky, trying not to drown in prep for a ''real job'' in the Straight World to back me up through life, it's so good to know that I'm not the only strange and artistic person out there who chases a life like this. Thank you.

  5. Love the words of inspiration and I dream of having space such as your studio, our house is way too small though .... one day. x x x

  6. Cleaning my studio now! Such a good thing to tackle this time of year. Your little bins are awesome. I work on the floor too and am always looking for convenient ways of storing my supplies. Great stuff.

  7. Very beautiful and inspiring space. I love the print, too.
    ~ Hanna

  8. Looks awesome! I wish I had a studio; right now all my supplies are clogging up our living room haha. Of course there's not much to be done when you have a small apartment. Oh well!

  9. love love love the new inspiring view!

    it's so difficult having a creative mind -- being very in tune with visual energy, but messiness is just the nature of the beast!

    ALSO, I always wonder about this whenever you post about Bella "helping" you with projects: how do you keep her from destroying all the gorgeous gifts from nature that you have on display? our kitty, Whiskey, drove me to store a bottle-full of dried roses in a box :/ she wouldn't leave them alone!

  10. as everyone stated : that view is gorgeous !!! how i yearn to live in the country one day xo


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