Yesterday we went on a spontaneous picnic lunch to our river park.  It has been so long since weve been down there, and with the weather being so beautiful, I just really wanted to get out.  James and I were both in a bit of a funk, we were tired, and a bit cranky... and this ended up being just the medicine we needed.  We both NEED to be in nature to restore ourselves.  Whenever Im feeling depleted, spending some time outdoors is like breathing in new life into my being.  James, being the adventurer he is, feels the same way.  We both agree you could not pay us enough money to live in the city.  

We ate a quick picnic lunch, and then went on an exploring adventure.  Violet had so much fun!  She realllllly wanted off the leash so she could just run and explore.  I wish she could of, but she will bolt, and we know it.  But she still really enjoyed herself.  She is a fearless explorer.  Sometimes we catch ourselves wanting to protect her like a 2 year old, and then have to remember she is a dog... she can do it!  

We walked a long trail that goes along the river and I found lots of treasures along the way.  The last time we were down there, the trail was all over grown with weeds and vines so you couldn't even walk down it.  So it was really fun to explore it this time.  Im looking forward to summer, and I pray we get some rain so we can actually get into this beautiful water!  We need it so bad.

I took some better pics of the treasures I found when I got home, so Ill share them soon.  If you can, go have yourself a little adventure this weekend.  You never know what a spontaneous picnic lunch will bring!

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  1. We try to get out to the park most weekends.. especially when we have my boyfriends daughter. It does us all so much good!

  2. looks seriously lovely! I'm planning on having a picnic later this week. :) There's something just refreshing about picnics and wandering.

  3. We really like your blog :) it is so cute!

  4. snap, nature was my saviour today too, alone time away from the kids and the funk x love and light x

  5. Such pretty photos... and your dog is so cute!!


  6. Oh Laura! Times like these I'm so thankful to the blogging community for uplifting and inspiring me right when I need it...yesterday I read this post by The Girl Who Married a Bear~


    ...and today your post. I'm in the biggest funk right now, but thanks to the beautiful blogs I read I know exactly what I need to go do.

    Thank you!
    Lou x (p.s~ package is in the post ^.^)

  7. pretty snapshots!

    xo Jennifer



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