This quite possibly might be my favorite outfit to date.  I'm unbelievably in love with this Wildfox moon and star bodysuit.  Yep, its a bodysuit, you know, like a gymnastics outfit.  And let me tell you, wearing it around the house by itself, kind of makes me want to do ballet, or just dance.  I love it.  And I can think of a million ways to layer this baby.  I don't think Ive ever had a top that perfectly showed off my back tattoo either.  It's like it was made for it!  Pairing it with this stretchy cotton skirt, this was an absolutely comfortable outfit too.  All stretch cotton.  Oh yeah.  I can't get over how beautiful The Gypsies Caravan feather piece looks with this outfit.  It was made to wrap around an arm or a leg, but its just long enough to wear as a belt too.  I love how so many of her pieces are multi use like that.  (Her shop is on vaca right now while she is a travelin')

I didn't realize when we took these photos that the post would go up on Valentine's Day, but oh how appropriate.  James and I personally don't do Vday.  Personal choice, its just another day to us.  But we are excited to spend the evening with two of our friends, and go on another nature hike together.  I'm all for celebrating and being in nature, especially with peeps we love, anytime!  Im excited.  But for those of you who do celebrate, I wish you all the happiness today on your dates, or whatever you are doing.  And if you don't have one, make one with yourself.  (those are some of my favorite dates, a good book, bottle of wine, and a dance with yourself, heck yeah).  

These photos were taken a few days ago, and we both really needed haircuts.  We just got some yesterday and it feels so good and fresh!  Now I can actually wear my bangs normal again.  They were to the bottom of my eyes ;)  And if you follow me on Instagram (lauramazurek) then you saw some pics after we got our cuts, of a cat sitting on top of a donkey!  Another reason I love living in the hillcountry.

{outfit details:  bodysuit c/o the trend boutique // skirt - f21 // boots c/o lulu's.com // feather band - the gypsies caravan // rings - gifted & f21 // james sweater - zenthreads}



  1. This bodysuit is perfect on you! I love how it's cut perfectly in back for your tattoos.

  2. This outfit is amazing! You two are lovely! I adore the feather band so much and a body suit sounds like an awesome idea :)

    MacK @ SoulMakes Blog

  3. oh laura love, these photos are amazing! especially of you and james. how sweet! and for the record, i love your rockstar long bangs! <3

  4. I love the cool/calm hues of this very lovely, earthy, feminine, outfit. Absolutely embodies love for Mother Earth. Beautiful!

  5. I've been actually wanting a bodysuit for a while...this one a beauty!
    Beautiful photos!

  6. You look fab!
    I want to steal your boots! :p

    xo Jennifer


  7. It really frames your tattoo perfect! im really digging this outfit Laura. You guys are so sweet together :)

    Zoe xx

  8. I love this whole outfit so much! :)



  9. I love the bodysuit, the feathers & the rings.

  10. Love everything about this outfit. We don't celebrate either, but we always take one of our single friends to dinner on V day.

  11. I love everything about this: the belt, the bodysuit, your tattoo!! ♥

  12. Lady! So glad I found your blog. I'm a fellow texan, however I have relocated to LA recently. Dig your style, and how you've got a thing for lunar cycles. ;) Also, as soon as I saw your man's MxPx T-shirt I had to smile. They were one of my favorite bands in high school. You two are adorable.
    You've got a new follower, mama!

  13. You are so gorgeous Laura. I love your style. We don't celebrate V day either, but you two look so sweet. :)


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