These are the beautiful things I found along the way during our nature walk the other day.  They were so pretty I had to lay them out and photograph them.  Now I can look back on these photos and always remember the spirit of that day.  I am taking in the Opossum and Pigeon medicine given to me.  Both strong feminine energies.  I'm looking forward to spending more time down there this summer.  I'd love to carve out times to just go and sit, maybe write or sketch.  Just be.

I'm grateful for these little reminders along the way.  Last week I had two more significant gifts from nature, a carnelian rock found at my parents house, and a bumblebee James found outside our house.  I'm listening and paying attention.  And I'm grateful for these gifts showing up when needed.

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  1. Those feathers are lovely!
    I wish I lived somewhere it was warm enough to go venturing outside right now. New England is coated in over a foot of snow :/

  2. that rock is crazy huge!!! such a beautiful and wonderful stone too. perfect for your soul. thank you for sharing your findings <3

  3. I love collections such as these... They make me want to run away into the forest.

  4. These are so unique

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